The PS5 DualSense controller you really want just leaked

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The PS5 DualSense controller looks like it's primed to not age well. No, I'm not talking about its button layout, I'm talking about its too-white design. Just like a pair of all-white sneakers (or tennis shoes if you prefer), this controller looks like it's going to be scuffed up as early as Christmas day 2020.

This is why I'm excited for the possibility of an all-black PS5 controller, and evidence of its existence just leaked out. Images that show off this controller were posted by the twitter account @welltest789 and are sourced from an FCC filing from this past April.

The only question, though, is why we've only seen this colorway via this FCC filing. VGC, which surfaced these images, has a disappointing answer, saying "It’s likely that the black controller shown in the FCC images is intended for development kits, which typically feature different colouring to retail products."

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Another reason to think this controller isn't made for consumers can be seen in the buttons. Where you should see a square, triangle, circle and X (which Sony calls the "Cross") logos, you see nothing. This could be because none of the buttons have labels — "Share" and "Options" are missing as well, but VGC's guess that this is a prototype does sound pretty accurate.

This is the second leak we've seen of an all-black PS5 controller, with the first set of images featuring white face buttons.

PS5 dualsense controller black

Hey, Sony, we just want this all black PS5 controller. Even if it's meant for just your devs, is that too much to ask? (Image credit: @welltest789/Twitter/FCC)

That being said, we'd love to see Sony start selling an all-black controller as soon as possible. Also, we know that color-variant models of the PS5 DualSense controller are inevitable. 

Sony offers dozens of PS4 controller color options today, ranging from the translucent light blue Crystal color to the Electric Purple design I hope makes it to the PS5 sooner rather than later. The PS5 releases in just a few weeks on November 12, so we shouldn't have to wait much longer to see what future accessories are coming to the console.

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