The Boys season 3 — Jensen Ackles’ Solider Boy armor revealed

The Boys season 3 — Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy
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Much of the hype around The Boys season 3 centers around new cast member Jensen Ackles, who is set to play Soldier Boy. And we just got our first look at his new gear and shield.

Today, The Boys' Twitter account posted two photos of Ackles in gear. This follows Ackles' post that showed off a closeup of Solider Boy's shield. We knew the full look was coming, as Ackles captioned the post with an even bigger tease, saying the "Full character reveal" is coming "tomorrow!!!" (which is, now, today). 

The Solider Boy gear has a green and black look, which is a bit odd. The character is supposed to be a riff on Captain America, but this look doesn't scream American Patriotism.

The Boys season 3

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But about that shield. Ackles' tweet says "Every dent, every scratch, every mark tells a story. A story that ends with me, winning. #SoldierBoy #SoldierBoyShield" with a smirking face emoji. 

The Boys season 3: Soldier Boy's Shield

(Image credit: Jensen Ackles via Twitter)

Comparing that gear and shield to the one in the comics, it looks pretty real, but without the red tones seen there. 

The Boys, inarguably one of Amazon Prime Video's biggest shows, has yet to reveal when its third season will arrive. And while Karl Urban and the gang have thrilled us for two whole seasons, Ackles' arrival as Soldier Boy is as exciting as things have gotten for the show in a while. Ackles, who just ended work on Supernatural after 15 seasons, has a role that has much weight in the history of The Boys' universe.

Soldier Boy (in the comics) was a big old coward, but also a recipient of Compound V. He fought during World War II, and got the serum because Frederick Vought had switched sides to work with the Allies by that time. Soldier Boy was a part of a group named Payback, which sounds like The Seven before The Seven. And Stormfront was a member. Interesting, right?

We're still waiting on a release date for The Boys season 3, which is still filming. At the start of June, we learned that the show was half-way through production, and that Ackles had just started filming his scenes. At this rate, we're not sure when a release date will be revealed.

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