Gas prices are out of control — so T-Mobile is taking 25 cents off every gallon

Gas prices at Chevron station in California
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High price of gas got you wondering how you're going to get between Point A and Point B the next few months? T-Mobile is offering to put a dent into gas prices for its customers during the summer.

Starting next Tuesday (June 21), T-Mobile says that its subscribers will enjoy an exclusive 25-cent-per-gallon discount at Shell stations through the latter's Fuel Rewards program. The promotion, part of the wireless carrier's T-Mobile Tuesday giveaways, runs through the week of Labor Day.

The discounted gas at Shell is just one of the many travel-related promotions T-Mobile is launching though the new Coverage Beyond initiative unveiled today (June 16). In addition to other perks such as free AAA memberships and T-Mobile-exclusive deals with Priceline, the wireless carrier is bolstering its in-flight Wi-Fi access and overseas data perks that figure to cement T-Mobile's status as the carrier with the best international phone plans.

T-Mobile customers with Magenta unlimited plans already could use data for free when traveling in more than 210 countries, though it was slowed to 128 Kbps; the more expensive Magenta Max plan doubled data speeds when traveling.

Under T-Mobile's new Coverage Beyond program, Magenta Max customers get 5GB of high-speed data for use in those same 210-plus countries every month — speeds can even reach 5G where available, T-Mobile says.

If you have a Magenta plan — which remains one of the best T-Mobile cell phone plans — you'll get 5GB of high-speed data in 11 European countries through T-Mobile parent Deutsche Telecom. (You'll know if you're getting the high-speed data when it says "T-Mobile" on your phone's network indicator.) Otherwise, T-Mobile is doubling data speeds to 256 Kbps when you're traveling in other countries.

T-Mobile is also boosting its in-flight Wi-Fi benefits, which usually included an hour of free Wi-Fi on flights with Gogo service. (Magenta Max customers got unlimited Wi-Fi.) Under the new terms, T-Mobile customers will be able to get free Wi-Fi when traveling on Delta, American and Alaska Airlines; United Airlines will be added to the mix later, T-Mobile says.

The free Wi-Fi onboard flights doesn't just cover emails and texting. T-Mobile says you'll be able to stream video as well.

Other T-Mobile Travel bonuses include a new T-Mobile Travel with Priceline site offering deals to T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile customers. Operated by the Priceline travel booking service, T-Mobile Travel promises discounts of up to 40% on hotels and car rentals.

Magenta and Magenta Max customers can also get a year-long AAA membership for free, which provides roadside assistance if you ever run to vehicle trouble.

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