Stunning Galaxy Fold 2 design is everything we hoped for

Galaxy Fold 2 renders
(Image credit: Benjamin Geskin)

Last week we told you about a major Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 leak that revealed some key specs, and now there are design renders that bring those leaked specs to life.

The biggest change? A large 6.23-inch display up front on the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, which would be a huge step up from the puny 4.6-inch panel on the original Galaxy Fold. In fact, this display was so small that it was nearly impossible to use for typing.

This design comes by way of Benjamin Geskin, who created Galaxy Fold renders based on the latest leaks; 91Mobiles was first to publish the renders.

As you can see in the above image, the Galaxy Fold 2 render shows a front display that’s nearly all screen, which the exception of the punch hole cutout for the front camera. This screen is supposedly limited to a refresh rate of 60Hz.

The interior display is getting the upgrade to 120Hz, which would match the Samsung Galaxy S20 series. And you should expect a step-up in size here, too, with the screen jumping from 7.3 inches to 7.6 inches. 

For us, the front screen is the killer upgrade, because it means the difference between having to rely on the internal display most of the time and having a device that truly doubles as a phone and a tablet.

The latest Galaxy Fold 2 rumors say that the device won’t support S Pen input and that this functionality will be reserved for the Galaxy Note 20, which would be a bummer. However, these renders include an S Pen on the right side of both the closed and open images of the Fold 2; maybe it’s wishful thinking.

We’ve also heard that the Galaxy Fold 2’s camera system will borrow heavily from the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, and we’re not complaining. But we wouldn’t mind seeing the powerful Space Zoom from the Galaxy S20 Ultra make it onto the Fold 2.

Both the Galaxy Fold 2 and Galaxy Note 20 are expected to debut at a summer event, likely in late July or early August. But it remains to be seen how the coronavirus pandemic will impact Samsung’s timing. The iPhone 12’s mass production has reportedly been pushed back one month.

Mark Spoonauer

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