Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 rumors could bring one of the best iPhone 14 features

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The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 could be getting a big improvement to its Always On Display (AOD). Throughout history, people have often kept photos of their nearest and dearest in a locket. Nowadays, our phone’s home screen is reserved for our loved ones, and if rumors are true, you won’t even have to unlock your phone.

AODs on previous Samsung foldable smartphones have been functional at best, displaying the time and a handful of essential widgets, but with little room for that personal touch. One tipster has predicted that the next generation of one of the best foldable phones could change that as self-described “Technology Enthusiast” Revengus tweeted they expect the AOD to be ”like the iPhone 14 pro.” 

The AOD on the iPhone 14 Pro features the phone’s entire wallpaper, a much more personalized look. This works using the ability to clock the ProMotion display between 1Hz and 120Hz, although no word has been given if the Flip 5 will use a similar method. We also don’t yet know which screen the improved AOD is mooted to feature on. The 6.7-in internal display would make sense but with rumors of a larger external display (around 3.4 in), it could feature there too. 

Selfie camera set to stay still 

One area that doesn't look to be receiving an upgrade is the selfie camera. The 10MP effort on the Galaxy Z Flip 4 was fine, but at this price point, you expect better, and we found it to be lacking behind iPhone competitors. 

Considering one of the big selling points of a foldable phone is being able to take selfies easily, it seems an odd choice not to iterate on the selfie camera which has been 10MP since the very first Flip model. Of course, camera performance is also influenced by software and other features, but we would love to see the 12 MP effort from the Samsung Galaxy S23 make its way to the Flip.

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