Samsung Galaxy S24 big AI upgrades just leaked for keyboard and Notes app — what you need to know

Alleged dummy models of the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Plus
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It appears that the Samsung Galaxy S24's rumored AI upgrades will have several features to improve the phone's keyboard and Samsung Notes app, according to a recent post on X from known tipster Alvin.

The main AI-powered keyboard feature mentioned in this post is that the Galaxy S24 will offer tone detection for sentences, as well as the ability to then convert your writing to suit a particular tone. Alvin explains there are five tone options, including professional, casual and using emojis. This feature will be familiar to anyone who has used apps like Grammarly, and it is certainly useful. However, this is also the kind of feature that these apps lock behind a paywall or subscription, so hopefully that won't be the case on the Galaxy S24.

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In fact, Alvin describes one user (we assume his source for this information) who is considering switching from using Gboard to the default Samsung Keyboard due to this feature (and others he doesn't name). Gboard was often considered more popular due to its accessibility and the numerous add-ons, but it appears that Samsung has tried to shrink this gap with AI smarts.

Then there's the AI’s apparent ability to summarize the contents of web pages clearly and concisely, which we assume will be a Notes app-based feature. This has been rumored before as part of the AI capabilities of Samsung Gauss, the system underlying Galaxy AI.

A render of the Galaxy S24 Ultra from the back and front, in white

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Finally, it seems that the AI will be able to convert hand-written notes in Samsung Notes into another format. For instance, changing notes from a meeting into an organized bulletpointed list. We have heard reports about the OneUI 6.1 AI being able to compile and summarize information before, so this seems to be a specific application of that ability.

All in on AI

Samsung has certainly been pushing its AI features when it comes to the Galaxy S24 series, announcing Galaxy AI in its teaser announcements without mentioning the phone we assume it'll be used on. By all accounts it seems that the AI will be the main selling point of the phone, especially considering the relatively limited design hardware changes that have been rumored

As well as these keyboard and Notes app-related features, another pillar of Samsung's AI push appears to be for photography. According to Samsung's pre-event teasers, the AI will be able to improve both the zoom and the general quality of the cameras. 

The Galaxy S24 series will likely see a full reveal at the Galaxy Unpacked show, and we will offer full coverage of that when the time comes, as well as a full review of all the phones when we get our hands on them.

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