Samsung Galaxy Note 20 leaked spec is somehow worse than the Note 10

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10. (Image credit: Future)

The Galaxy Note 20 is slowly coming into focus now that the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series is out of the way. As well as plenty of educated guesses about what the next generation of Samsung phablet will feature, there’s now small morsels of information about some specs.

A leak posted by SamMobile claims that the basic version of the Note 20 will have 128GB of storage. That seems like a reasonable number, but it’s interesting because it’s arguably a downgrade, since the Galaxy Note 10 had a minimum of 256GB of storage.

Usually we want to see numbers like RAM, storage and battery capacity go up between phone generations, or at least stay the same. Therefore, it’s a little baffling when you see that the basic storage of the Note 20 is rumored to have halved.

The basic Note 10 model took a step backwards itself compared to the Note 9: it lost its MicroSD slot. So even though it has a nice chunk of storage to play with, that’s all you get on the phone itself. The Note 10 Plus does have expandable memory, but it costs significantly more.

Hopefully then, this means that Samsung are bringing back the MicroSD slot for the basic Note 20, which would be fine with many users for sure. It’ll be particularly useful if the Note 20 borrows the super powerful camera tech that debuted on the S20 series, particularly the S20 Ultra’s 108MP main sensor or its 48MP 100x “Space Zoom” telephoto sensor.

We can expect answers around the end of summer, since Samsung tends to hold its Galaxy Note series launches in July or August. We’ll also hopefully see the next version of the Galaxy Fold appear at the same event, much as we saw the Galaxy Z Flip appear with the S20 series back in February.

Richard Priday
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