Samsung Galaxy Note 20 leak reveals a surprisingly high price

(Image credit: GalaxyClub)

Nobody eagerly awaits a Samsung Galaxy Note launch expecting bargain-basement prices. But according to a couple of new reports, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series might surprise even the most jaded of smartphone enthusiasts.

First up bearing bad news is Twitter tipster Ricciolo1 who warns that the Note 20 series will be the most expensive Note yet, and this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody who has been paying attention. After all, from the original Galaxy Note to last year’s Note 10, the price increased a staggering 81% in seven years. 

But as Ricciolo points out, putting a big price on a product is a bold move in a pandemic-stricken world where finances are severely constricted. 

Ricciolo doesn’t give any context as to how much more that price will be, but Greek tech site Techmaniacs has some insights on that front. Citing a “very reliable” source, the site reports the Galaxy Note 20 will start at €1,249 (~$1,405) and hit €1,399 (~$1,573) for the Ultra model. 

Granted, Greece is pricier than other EU markets, but for context the Note 10 launched for €1,149 there, with the S20 Ultra selling for €1,399. So yes, even factoring in localization, it looks like the Note 20 is heading for a price spike.

Finally, the prolific leaker IceUniverse has weighed in on things with a prediction. His thoughts: $999 for the Note 20 and $1,299 for the Note 20 Ultra. Suffice it to say, he’s distinctly unimpressed: 

To be clear, it’s not that anybody doubts the Galaxy Note 20 will be a superb handset. You’d be hard pressed to find a Samsung flagship phone that isn’t both beautifully designed and an utter joy to use. The problem is one of value: why would you pay four figures for a Note 20 when the likes of OnePlus and Xiaomi are doing incredible things for hundreds of dollars less?

Galaxy Note 20 specs: Will it be worth the premium?

As a quick recap, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is set to be a 6.42-inch handset with a Snapdragon 865 Plus processor, 8GB RAM, 128GB of storage and a triple-lens camera array. 

As IceUniverse’s tweet above suggests, he’s not expecting it to inherit the 120Hz screen from the S20 series, though. That is rumored to be something reserved for the Note 20 Ultra model, which will come with a higher resolution screen, more RAM and more storage space.

The Note 20 Ultra is also expected to share the 108MP camera from the Galaxy S20 Ultra, although its zoom will reportedly not be as powerful. Last year’s Note 10 dropped expandable storage too, reserving it for the Plus model, so it wouldn’t be wholly surprising if Samsung did the same here.

All should be revealed soon: Samsung is expected to put on an Unpacked event coming up in exactly one month’s time. Hopefully Samsung will surprise us with a lower-than-expected price, but you’re probably best not holding your breath on this one. 

Alan Martin

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