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Samsung Adds 55-Inch 8K TV and Apple TV Plus App to QLED Lineup

(Image credit: Future)

BERLIN - Samsung’s 8K game is healthy and thriving, so much so that it just unveiled a 55-Inch QLED TV and revealed that its entire 8K QLED line will get the Apple TV app when it launches this Fall.

The 55-inch Samsung 8K QLED TV is slated to launch sometime in September and will run you $2,499 on Samsung’s website. To no surprise, that’s the cheapest 8K QLED TV under Samsung’s belt.

The 55-inch Samsung 8K QLED TV

Like its gargantuan brothers, the 55-inch TV sports a Quantum AI processor, which is designed to get smarter the more you watch TV and actually enhance the image. It also supports HDR10+ and can upscale lower resolution content to 8K.

Samsung claims that all of the TVs in its lineup covers 100% color volume and emit 5000 nits of brightness. We can’t confirm that ourselves, but what I do know is that Samsung’s entire lineup was spread out on the showfloor, and they basically looked identical.

I watched a scene with a canyon and a river. The river popped with the most vibrant blue, and the greenery that surrounded the edges of the river were so lush. In a scene with a forest, I got to see the vivid leaves of Autumn scattered all over the dirt road accompanied by life-like, green-yellow trees. While Samsung dimmed the TV booth, the TVs were still blindingly bright.

Apple TV Plus app

One of the coolest bits of news is that the Apple TV app and Apple TV Plus will now be supported on select 2018 and 2019 Samsung TVs. 

Samsung also stated that Apple TV Plus is going to be compatible with Bixby, and that iOS devices can use Airplay 2 to stream all of your favorite content to your TV.


We’re excited to get our hands-on the range of 8K QLED TVs that Samsung has, big or small, and to see how Apple’s TV Plus app looks on a rival company’s product. Stay tuned for more IFA 2019 coverage on the latest and greatest tech.