PSVR 2 tipped to run AAA games — and that's a huge deal for PS5

PSVR 2 controllers
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PSVR 2 rumored specs

Display: Fresnel OLED screens
Resolution: 4K HDR, 2000 x 2400 per eye
FOV: 110 degrees
FSR: Flexible scaling resolution concentrates rendering resources on player’s area of focus
Eye tracking: Yes
Haptics in headset: Yes
Controllers: Adaptive triggers, capacitive touch sensors

We already know that Sony has been working on a new PSVR model, often described as PSVR 2. However, we're now seeing reports that the company has allegedly shown off its next-gen VR headset during a developer's conference. 

That's according to a YouTube channel titled PSVR Without Parole, which claims that Sony has spilled more details regarding the upcoming device, including its official codename, specs, features and game strategy. Sony's next VR headset is reportedly codenamed "next-gen VR" (NGVR) but will likely be called PSVR 2 when it's released. 

The source claims that the controllers will include capacitive touch sensors that can allegedly detect whenever a user is holding the controller or simply interacting with its buttons. And that's not all; the new controller for Sony's next-gen VR system could even detect the distance to the user's fingers, according to the source.  

When it comes to games, the video says that "Sony wants to move away from VR experiences and focus on console-quality AAA titles." To do that, Sony would make hybrid games that would be playable on your TV or the PSVR2. And you could have the choice of downloading the PS5 version or VR version, so you wouldn't have to do both.

The PSVR2 is also tipped to get a significant upgrade to its field of view. The YouTuber noted that the new VR headset will apparently offer a 110-degree FOV that is 10 degrees wider compared to its predecessor. It will also reportedly use flexible scaling resolution, which "concentrates rendering resources on the player’s area of focus."

Another leak from UploadVR also claims that the PSVR 2 will get a high resolution 2,000 x 2,040 OLED 4K display, a significant upgrade to the existing model's 1920 x 1080 OLED display. 

While the above certainly seems exciting, we're taking this information with a pinch of salt, as there's been no official word from Sony on that front so far. However, we did previously hear about an interesting comment that was made in an investor catch-up document. In a discussion about its new VR peripheral, Sony said that it will offer "unique experiences that are synonymous with PlayStation," which leads us to believe that there might be a potential for AAA exclusives.

The company also touched on other features, such as the single-cable connectivity to the PS5 console. The document stated that the new wireless motion controllers are getting an orb-like shape and will feature similar haptic feedback currently offered in Sony's DualSense controller. However, sadly, we also know that the next-gen PSVR (or PSVR 2) won't come out anytime soon, as confirmed by both Hideaki Nishino, senior vice president of the platform and PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan. 

“I think we’re more than a few minutes from the future of VR,” Ryan said in an interview with Washington Post

But even if Sony's upcoming PSVR console doesn't arrive for a while, its rumored specs and features could be worth the wait after all. In the meantime, feel free to head over to our PSVR 2 page for more details.

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