PS5 price leak is definitely fake, says Amazon

(Image credit: Sony)

Yet another PS5 price — this time, €500 from a purported leak on Amazon France — has turned out to be fake. This should be a familiar cycle by now: Some leaker on Twitter posts a semi-convincing screenshot of a PS5 price from a major retailer, eager fans make it go viral, then we never hear about it again — or we learn that it’s a genuine, bona fide fake. That’s what happened here.

TechRadar was one of the many sites that reported on the price, although the article correctly pointed out that such leaks are highly suspect, and this one was no exception. More recently, Amazon France confirmed to TechRadar that the image was bogus. Of course, in the two days since the “leak” tweet initially went up, the story has already circulated far and wide.

In addition to a €500 price for the standard PS5, the tweet also suggested a €400 price for the Digital Edition PS5, which is certainly a lot cheaper than many fans were expecting. It’s not hard to see why the pricing might look realistic or attractive to people. 

The PS5 price is a highly guarded secret from Sony. It’s entirely possible that the price isn’t finalized yet, as Sony and Microsoft engage in a game of economic chicken to see how much, or how little, they can realistically expect for their new consoles. Any price that goes up on a website, no matter how reliable the website may be, is almost certainly just a placeholder. Any price from a “leaker” is, at best, a good guess from a random employee, and at worst, pure fabrication, as was the case here.

While speculating about price may be fun, there’s no good reason to think that anyone has an accurate figure, aside from the bigwigs at Sony. The PS4 price wasn’t “leaked,” unless you count some good guesses on social media, and Sony has been even more secretive about the PS5 so far, releasing information in dribs and drabs rather than one big presentation.

If you really want to know how much the PS5 will cost, follow the PlayStation account on Twitter, and bookmark the PlayStation.Blog. Sony shares its official news through these channels, and has done a very good job of letting fans know when big reveals will be, like the June 11 gameplay showcase event. And soon as Sony announces the PS5’s price via its social channels, Tom's Guide will report on it right here. 

And if you want my advice, aim to save $500. If history is any indication, the console will probably be within $100 of that mark.

Marshall Honorof

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