PS5 in stock at Very — here’s how to get your console

PS5 restock
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Retailer Very has replenishment its PS5 stock and is currently taking orders of the in-demand console. Be quick though, this fresh allocation is almost guaranteed to sell out in a matter of minutes. 

To help its website cope with the insane traffic that a PS5 restock brings Very has opened a virtual waiting room. Once you’re in the waiting room, the website will automatically refresh every 30 seconds until there’s an available spot.  

PS5: from £450 @ Very

PS5: from £450 @ Very
Very has opened a virtual waiting room after restocking the PS5 this morning. Your best bet is to opt for one of the pre-made bundles the retailer offers as they don't typically sell out as fast as the standalone console. 

Very is the latest UK retailer to restock the PS5, with the likes of Amazon and Game also restocking in the past week. 

It definitely seems like PS5 stock is becoming more frequent, so fingers crossed soon you’ll be able to buy Sony’s next-gen machine within needing to a huge slice of good fortune and lightning-fast fingers. 

Of course, that day hasn’t come yet as the need for a virtual waiting room suggests that Very is getting flooded with shoppers (and frustratingly probably more than a few scalper bots) all desperate to get their hands on a PS5. 

Not so optional extras 

Similar to Game, Very has a habit of offering the PS5 with a slew of extras rather than as a standalone console. 

These extras are at least pretty worthwhile, such as an additional DualSense controller or a 1-year subscription to PlayStation Plus, or even a copy of Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Thankfully Very hasn’t started bundling the console with random tat like some retailers. 

While it may be tempting to opt for the standalone console, if you want the best chance of getting a PS5 through checkout and into your home, then you need to go one for one of the bundles as these tend to sell out slower. 

They still sell out in minutes of course, but the standalone console goes in seconds. The odds are slightly more in your favour if you forgo trying to grab just the console and go straight for an optional extras bundle. 

Very also has a habit of releasing stock in small waves over a period of time, so if you log onto the site after a restock and see the dreaded words ‘product unavailable’ keep giving the site a refresh as stock may well reappear. 

As always with a PS5 restocks persistence is key, as well as a little bit of good luck. 

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