PS5 event rescheduled for this week — here's when to watch

ps5 event
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UPDATE: Sony has confirmed the rescheduled event in its official Twitter feed:

ORIGINAL: The PS5 event, originally scheduled for June 4, will probably take place on June 11 instead. This would place it exactly one week after its initially scheduled date. The event’s time — 4 PM ET — is unchanged. Sony has arguably confirmed the date shift, although the exact mechanics are a little hazy. 

The information comes directly from Sony, but not through any of Sony’s official channels. Instead, a number of users noticed ads for the rescheduled event appearing on Twitch streams. (We first read about it on the Fandom account, but other pop culture and gaming feeds started posting the ad independently around the same time.)

The ad itself is extremely simple: a still image of a DualSense controller in silhouette, with “PS5” and “The Future of Gaming” written above it. Below it, a block of text reads “Join us June 11th at 09:00 PM (BST),” followed by “”

While the ad seems to come directly from Sony, it is a little bit unusual that the ad would start airing on Twitch before Sony made an official announcement. It’s possible that some wires simply got crossed about when the ad was supposed to go live. But it’s worth pointing out that there’s also a possibility (albeit a small one) that the ad wasn’t supposed to go live at all, and the date is in error. We’ll probably know for sure before the end of the day.

For those who haven’t been following the PS5 June event, Sony has explained that it will be a showcase of various PS5 games, lasting a little more than an hour altogether. Sony hasn’t clarified whether these games will be PS5 exclusives, third-party titles, launch titles specifically or some kind of mix of the above. It’s also not clear whether Sony plans to show off the PS5’s physical design, although now would be as good a time as any. We learned what its competitor, the Xbox Series X, will look like months ago.

Assuming that the information is accurate, Tom’s Guide will tune into the event live and report on it as it happens. You can also watch the event live for yourself on PlayStation’s official YouTube and Twitch channels. At the time of writing, there’s nothing on either channel to indicate a June 11 event, but assuming one is imminent, the links will be there when the time comes.

While the event was supposed to be on June 4, Sony decided to push it back in light of the nationwide protests surrounding George Floyd’s death. While the protests are still in full swing, it’s understandable that Sony would want to broadcast its event sooner rather than later, and people will probably be more receptive to it now than they would have been a week ago. As for what the event will contain, we’ll have to wait a few days and find out.

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