PS5 DualSense controller looks stunning in unofficial purple and green

PS5 DualSense Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart purple
(Image credit: PS5Only)

If you haven't seen the new PS5 DualSense colors by now, where have you been? Sony's next-gen controller is an integral part of the PS5 experience, and now it's available to pre-order in Midnight Black and Cosmic Red. But these purple and green DualSense controllers have us lusting after them even more than the brand new black and red options.

Twitter user @las_cebollas shared a couple of concept images from @PS5Only of a purple DualSense and green DualSense controller, and they look absolutely gorgeous. I've just ordered the Cosmic Red DualSense, but I'm already wishing I could get my hands on the purple one. And so is everyone else, judging by the comments.

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The purple DualSense is themed for the upcoming Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, while the green controller is a nod to to Housemarque's Returnal. Both titles are PS5 exclusives that take full advantage of the DualSense's suite of features, so seeing the peripheral pay homage to them both is a nice touch. And they look fantastic to boot. 

Until last week, the DualSense was only available in the white/black color combo with which the PS5 launched. Then Sony dropped the announcement, revealing the red and black additions to the lineup that are set to go on sale June 18. 

The Midnight Black controller is the cheaper of the two, coming in at the same price as the white DualSense at most retailers with a price tag of approximately $69/ £59/ AU$109. The Cosmic Red is a little more expensive, at $74/ £64/ AU$119.  

If you've been looking to treat yourself, it's worth nothing that the Cosmic Red seems a harder to come by, although that's from anecdotal experience of trying to find one in the days following the news. We recommend getting a pre-order in as soon as you can. Most retailers won't charge you until the product ships, so you can always change your mind next month. But if we learned anything from the PS5 debacle, it's that pre-ordering pays off!  

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