Project Eve — everything we know so far

Project Eve screenshot
(Image credit: Shift Up/Sony)

Sony’s PlayStation Showcase 2021 provided gamers with a solid look at tons of really great upcoming games, but none were quite as visceral and grotesquely gory as action title Project Eve.

Developer Shift Up first revealed a sneak peek at the game way back in 2019, but this is the first time we’ve been treated to a proper look at its very first console game.

Project Eve is a PlayStation 5 game that stars the titular Eve as she fights to take back Earth following a devastating invasion. With slick, fast-paced combat and some of gaming’s most visually alarming creatures, this gruesome hack-and-slash adventure really deserves a spot on your radar.

Here’s everything we know so far about Project Eve.

Project Eve release date speculation

Shift Up has shared virtually nothing about a release date for Project Eve, but it has promised more information is coming and said that it's immensely appreciative of the interest it's received for the game.

That said, there’s virtually no chance of it being released in 2021. In fact, we wouldn't expect to see it until late 2022 — though stranger things have happened.

Project Eve trailer

Though Shift Up shared a very small tease in 2019 and a sneak peek at some combat in November 2020, Project Eve received its first official gameplay trailer during Sony’s PlayStation Showcase 2021. 

In it, we were granted a deeper dive into the outrageous gameplay and visuals that we can expect when it finally arrives.

The first bit of the trailer shares some hints about the game’s narrative, while the second half leans heavily into showcasing the terrifying creatures we’ll be fighting. 

We also get a good look at many of the weapons Eve can wield and even get a quick glimpse at some non-combat gameplay, such as a segment that sees her dodging obstacles as she slides through a narrow tunnel.

Shift Up had previously shared a teaser trailer for the game in 2019, and you can see that below.

Project Eve story

Project Eve screenshot

(Image credit: Shift Up/Sony)

Project Eve takes place not too far in the future on an Earth that has been left ravaged by the invaders known as NA:tives. As Eve, the lone survivor of a paratrooper squad, players are tasked with fending off enemies, joining up with new friends, and working to reclaim the planet.

Not much else is known regarding Project Eve's story as of right now, but the trailer above has hints of religious overtones and shows off some serious mayhem that suggests rescuing Earth should be one hell of a ride.

Project Eve gameplay

Project Eve screenshot

(Image credit: Shift Up/Sony)

Project Eve looks like it’s melding together elements from a variety of other popular games, and that’s no bad thing. The hulking bosses and strategic combat feel borrowed from Dark Souls, while the over-the-top tone and flashiness feel like they were taken from something like Devil May Cry or Bayonetta.

Players will engage with enemies in intense, challenging showdowns that require mastery of the game’s systems — attacking, defending, countering, and evading. Learning attack patterns is of paramount importance, but so is learning to balance aggression and defense, so as to take advantage of openings.

Shift Up has stated that we can expect combos that weave together and special moves that can be earned by parries and evasions, giving you cool skills such as super armor, enemy combo interruptions, or even a wide selection of attacks like leaping stabs and sweeping swings.

Fighting won't be the sole focus, however, as we’ve also seen snippets of footage that show off some interactive navigation, such as Eve swinging from poles to cross gaps and sliding through a tunnel while dodging obstacles. So it appears the game will meld together multiple styles of gameplay into a single cohesive experience.

Project Eve will take advantage of the DualSense’s haptic feedback, too, to help the game’s brutal combat feel even more immersive. Meanwhile, cosmetics can be earned to give players a sense of personalization.

Project Eve outlook

Project Eve screenshot

(Image credit: Shift Up/Sony)

There’s no doubt that Project Eve is set to garner a lot of attention the closer it gets to release. With its familiar combat, unsettling creatures, and cool main character, there are plenty of reasons to be excited about it, after all.

It’s a shame we don’t have any idea of when it may launch, but hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to see more of the entrancing chaos that Shift Up is cooking up for us.

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