PlayStation games could come to iPhone and Android this year — here's why

God of War
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Sony boss Jim Ryan has dropped the news that some of the company's most "iconic" games will soon be available on mobile. And we could see them debut on Android and iOS before the end of the year. 

Speaking in a Q&A during Sony's investor relations presentation (via VGC), Ryan revealed that the "journey to take PlayStation first-party IP off console" will continue over the course of the next year. We saw PlayStation exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn make its way to PC last year, as well as Predator. And now we could see other some of the great titles from the PlayStation Hits collection fly the nest and migrate to mobile and other platforms. 

"In FY21 we will begin to publish some of our iconic PlayStation IP on mobile and we anticipate that in 2021, that will not provide a significant profit flow, but we do anticipate that as we learn from that experience, and as we increase the number of titles that we publish on mobile, the contribution from both PC and mobile will start to become steadily more important as time passes," Ryan said. 

The fiscal year runs up until March 2022, so we may not see the plan come to fruition until next year. But Ryan's comments seem to indicate that first-party PlayStation games will be coming to mobile in 2021 — although he acknowledges that they won't be bringing in the big bucks. 

Mobile gaming is a growing industry, and offers up a larger audience than that of console owners. Practically everyone has a phone, with multiple devices per household. Microsoft is already tapping into that market with Xbox Game Pass, which allows users to play Xbox games on mobile, PC, and their Xbox console of choice. Like Netflix, it's a seamless service that's accessible across devices. 

We'll have to wait and see how Sony handles its approach to mobile, but with no answer to Game Pass, it's going to be difficult to offer a comparable experience. Nevertheless, we're excited to see some of the best PS4 games make their way to mobile. 

Shabana Arif

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