OnePlus Buds Pro are coming — and you can apply to test them

OnePlus Buds
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OnePlus is having a busy year. Not only is the company preparing to launch its fourth handset of the year, the OnePlus Nord 2, but it’s now clear that it has a new set of wireless earphones in the works. What’s more, it’s looking for volunteers to test both them and the Nord 2.

The reveal comes on the OnePlus Lab website, where the company merely mentions the name of the product: Buds Pro. 

While that may not be an awful lot to go on, we can still infer quite a lot: it clearly refers to an advanced version of the $79 OnePlus Buds, a set of true wireless earbuds we gave three-and-a-half stars when we reviewed them a year ago. 

Crucially, for other wireless earphones, the word “Pro” has been used to indicate the presence of Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). This is the case with the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro and the AirPods Pro, so it feels likely that OnePlus will be doing something similar with the Buds Pro, although we’d also hope for improvements to the muddy sound quality and comfort in the new version. 

While OnePlus doesn’t give a release date for the Buds Pro, testers will get the product very soon indeed, raising hopes of an imminent wider release. The company says that applications for tests closes on July 17, with the successful applicants announced on July 21 with the product to be received “around the launch event date” which has already been confirmed for July 22.

How to apply to test OnePlus Buds Pro 

Applying to test OnePlus Buds Pro and the Nord 2 is pretty straightforward, and the site confirms that testers will get to keep the product(s), too. However, applying doesn’t guarantee selection, and it’s far from a free ride, with OnePlus saying that testers will be selected based on their “photography and writing skills”. 

This, combined with the fact that the company only has 20 test devices (ten Nord 2 handset and ten sets of OnePlus Buds Pro) means that you shouldn’t get your hopes up too much.

Nonetheless, here’s how to apply to test OnePlus Buds Pro.

  1. Head to the OnePlus Lab website
  2. Scroll down to "The Lab - Buds Pro Edition" and press the Apply button.
  3. Fill out the application form. It’s mostly multiple choice and requires minimal text entry, but there is a section where it requires you to either write a tech review (of up to 10,000 characters) or link to previously published work. 

The closing date is July 17, and OnePlus will take eight days to review applications before announcing the chosen testers in its Community forums on July 21. 

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