New renders give us our potential first look at the Google Pixel 7a

google pixel 7a renders
(Image credit: Onleaks/Smartprix)

We’re not expecting the Google Pixel 7a to launch for several months yet, but that hasn’t stopped details from appearing online. The latest involves a series of renders developed by experienced leaker Onleaks (aka Steve Hemmerstoffer) and Smartprix.

It’s not clear what information has been used to develop these renders. In the past early renders have used leaked CAD files and other technical documents, others are based on guesswork and speculation. The fact Smartprix has posted precise dimensions for the phone suggests it could be the former.

google pixel 7a renders

(Image credit: Onleaks/Smartprix)

The design isn’t entirely different from the Pixel 6a, which is no huge surprise. The renders feature the same strip-like camera module on the back of the phone, and the more prominent lens cutout featured on both the Pixel 7 range and the Pixel 6a. According to Smartprix, the phone’s dimensions will be 6.0 x 2.87 x 0.35 inches, which is a fraction larger than the Pixel 6a’s 5.99 x 2.82 x 0.35 inches.

It makes sense that the Pixel 7a would be mostly indistinguishable from the Pixel 6a — at least to the casual observer. It would likely be Google’s cheap Pixel handset, after all, and the major design changes are likely to be reserved for a future flagship. That said we should still see changes on the inside.

Early rumors have already suggested that the Pixel 7a could come with some key camera upgrades, including a new telephoto lens — something missing from both the Pixel 6a and Pixel 7. It seems unlikely, and such a feature is missing from these renders, but stranger things have happened.

It’s also likely that the Pixel 7a will feature the Tensor G2 chip, which debuted in the Pixel 7, with Android 13 out of the box. Presumably the phone would be among the first to get Android 14, when it launches, and will have some of the same cost-saving features like lower RAM and storage than the flagship Pixel 7 range.

That said, we do hope that Google adds some premium features, including a 90Hz refresh rate and a stronger battery life. Those are two of the Pixel 6a’s biggest failings, after all.

Google hasn’t officially revealed anything about the Pixel 7a so far, and likely won’t until Google I/O 2023 — which is expected to happen in May. Google doesn’t have a good history for keeping phone secrets under wraps, so expect to see plenty of details hit the web before that date. We will be looking to bring you all the important ones as we spot them. 

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