New Nintendo Switch Will Pack Sharp's Advanced IGZO Display (Report)

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Even with two new Nintendo Switch models launching this year, Nintendo's popular hybrid console is still expected to get a more powerful upgrade somewhere down the line. And now we know what kind of display that upgraded model might have.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, display maker Sharp will provide Nintendo with its IGZO screens for future consoles. IGZO, which stands for indium gallium zinc oxide, is a material built to deliver screens that are high-resolution, low-power and thin, while offering "exceptionally detailed touch panel capabilities," according to Sharp's website. The technology powers everything from 8K TVs to OLED smartphones.

It's easy to see how this technology could benefit the Switch, which currently features a 6-inch 720p display and taps out after around 3 to 7 hours of use. 

The Switch will soon get a smaller sibling in the $199 Switch Lite, a handheld-only version of the console that launches on Sept. 20. The base Switch is also getting a minor refresh this month, which will bump the system's maximum battery life to up to 9 hours.

Still, rumors have long circulated about a "Pro" model of the Nintendo Switch, which would offer features such as better performance and an improved display. And with Sharp's display technology in its hands, Nintendo could potentially deliver a Switch that offers full 1080p gameplay (or better) on the go while improving battery life and touch controls even further. 

Michael Andronico

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