New iPhone 12 leak showcases MagSafe cases in springtime pastels

iPhone 12 Pro Max Clear Case with MagSafe
(Image credit: Apple)

Just in time for Easter, it looks like the new iPhone 12 MagSafe cases might have a few aesthetics upgrades on the horizon. Fitting, since tracking down this particular iPhone rumor was akin to an Easter Egg hunt in itself. ‘Tis the season for iPhone surprises, it seems, and it never hurts to have more color options in your proverbial basket.

MagSafe accessories are coming out of the woodwork, and earlier today DuanRui claimed via Twitter that there would be new colors for Apple’s 2021 iPhone 12 Spring collection of accessories. 

Citing images from the Weibo account “Uncle Pan”, it looks like some softer pastels are coming soon for the iPhone 12 MagSafe case: light blue, green, and orange. The juicy part of this leak, however, is Apple’s inclusion of dark purple, adding a royal flair to your already chic iPhone 12.  

As long as ol’ Uncle Pan isn’t pulling a fast one on us for April Fool’s (he’s too late anyway), this rumor sounds like it’s par for the course when it comes to Apple accessories. After all, the company did release matching iPhone 11 and Apple Watch bands around this time last year. Plus, it’s typical for Apple to release new accessories around the end of March or beginning of early April, which is right about now. (It’s worth noting, however, that Uncle Pan has no particular track record for accurate Apple info, and is only reliable by association through DuanRui. It’s a convoluted world of color scheme confusion.) 

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