Google Chrome 104 fixes serious security issues — update right now

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Update: Patch and restart Google Chrome right now

A new Google Chrome patch is being rolled out in order to fix multiple security flaws within the popular browser. Among the flaws identified by Google's internal security team and army of bounty-chasing researchers was at least one exploit that currently exists in the wild. 

Earlier this month Google Chrome version 104 launched bringing with it a host of noteworthy changes including comprehensive screen sharing tools, an experiment in faster page loading and user interface changes for Chromebooks. While this update also aimed to fix several security issues, as often happens with software development, patching on problems can create new ones. It’s why the quest to squash bugs and security flaws is never-ending. 

Google has confirmed in a blog post that the latest update for desktops is currently rolling out. It’s numbered 104.0.5112.102/101 for Windows users and version 104.0.5112.101 for those on Mac and Linux. While it's available in some regions, as usual with Chrome updates, this patch has been given a staggered launch and its full rollover is expected to be completed over the coming weeks. 

You can see the full build log for a complete breakdown of this update, but Google’s post highlights the fix for 11 security issues that were identified by external researchers. One of these vulnerabilities has been rated critical, while more than half have been labeled high risk.

Google has also confirmed that at least one flaw on the list, codenamed CVE-2022-2856, has been exploited in the wild. This essentially means that third parties have identified the problem and actively made use of the security breach. To what extent the flaw has been exploited hasn’t been confirmed by Google. But in light of this, it’s well worth ensuring your Chrome browser is updated to the latest patch as soon as possible. 

Updating Google Chrome is a pretty straightforward task, and you might even find that your browser has downloaded and installed the latest version without your input. 

However, if you need to know exactly how to update Chrome make sure to follow our handy guide which will walk you through the steps, and also show you how to check the update has been completed successfully. 

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