Netflix is losing every season of Gotham next month — and it gets worse

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Gotham is technically a Fox show, but for many viewers Netflix has always been its true home. For years the streaming service has hosted the Batman prequel series with new seasons being added shortly after airing on the network, but the streamer has just confirmed that every season of Gotham is now set to leave in just a few weeks time.  

Since September 2019, all five seasons of Gotham have been available on Netflix, but almost three years to the day, on September 29, the show will exit the streaming service entirely. All 100 episodes will be removed on that date, leaving a quite sizable hole in Netflix's streaming library. The streamer confirmed this news via a recent subscriber newsletter.  

Gotham is set several years before Bruce Wayne dons the mantle of the Batman. It primarily focuses on the early career of James Gordon (aka Commissioner Gordon) as he attempts to solve criminal cases in the iconic city teeming with crime and corruption. The show also includes the origin stories of a number of Batman’s biggest villains including Riddler, Huge Strange and Oswald Cobblepot. 

The show received mostly solid reviews throughout its run and was regularly praised for shining the spotlight on characters often neglected because the bloke in the bat suit usually hogs the limelight. Its presence on Netflix also helped to generate further interest in the show, and has kept in the comic book conversation over the past three years since it wrapped up. 

Where Gotham will end up next hasn’t been confirmed, but HBO Max seems the most logical destination for the show as it’s a Warner Bros property. Until then, you’ve still got roughly a month to binge as much as possible before all five seasons leave Netflix. 

It’s not just Gotham leaving Netflix in September

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The news doesn’t get better for Netflix subscribers as the complete Gotham series is far from all that's leaving the streaming service in September. All eight seasons of The Vampire Diaries will be removed on September 3, followed by all six seasons of Saved by the Bell (and a trio of spin-off movies) exiting on September 14. 

The situation gets even bleaker when you look at the lengthy list of movies leaving in the coming weeks. Among them are Blade Runner: The Final Cut and Blade Runner 2049, these two sci-fi masterpieces will disappear from Netflix on September 25. Nightcrawler, How to Train Your Dragon 2, Argo, Mean Girls, Taxi Driver, Seven and Insidious are also being removed at various points in the next 30 days. 

With so much third-party content leaving Netflix it’s no wonder that originals now make up around 50% of the streamer’s U.S. library. Netflix has been prioritizing its own content for several years at this point, but it’s still disappointing to see large batches of third-party content leave the service at regular intervals.  

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