Netflix Geeked Week 2022 confirmed — Stranger Things 4, Umbrella Academy season 3 and more

The Netflix Geeked Week 2022 logo
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It's baaaaack. Netflix Geeked Week 2022 is coming this summer to deliver more teases of the biggest upcoming geeky shows and movies on the big red streaming machine. And, of course, Stranger Things season 4 and Umbrella Academy season 3 look to be the big titles on the agenda.

Geeked Week, for those who missed it last year, is basically Netflix's big Comic-Con-like stream. Each day served up a couple hours of live-streamed events that teased new details about the streaming service's biggest geeky shows and properties. 

Netflix made the announcement today (April 18) in an email to the press telling folks to mark June 6-10 as Geeked Week 2022. The streams (which are free to watch and on Netflix's social media and YouTube) typically happen during mid-afternoon (Eastern time). The poster doesn't list all of the big properties at hand, but it provides more than enough iconography to get folks excited.

While this announcement is light on details, it does confirm we should expect more of the same, with sneak peeks, trailers, cast panels "and much more to get geeked about." Over on the Netflix Geeked Twitter account, they said "You'll be seeing familiar faces, sneak peeks, and more from all your favorite shows and films. tbh it's about to be a hot Geeked summer." Sounds like Netflix will have more than enough things to hype to remind us why it has a big spot on our best streaming services list.

What to expect from Netflix Geeked Week 2022

While some geeks will identify more references and clues in this below graphic than others, it's not hard to figure Netflix's biggest guns out. 

Both an umbrella and a sparrow tease Umbrella Academy season 3. Geeked Week 2022 will arrive at just the right time, as hype for Elliot Page's return to Netflix is slated for June 22, mere weeks after the event. A big trailer makes a ton of sense for that window. 

Netflix Geeked Week 2022 poster with references to Stranger Things, The Umbrella Academy and more

(Image credit: Netflix)

A giant red skull with a Hellfire Club baseball cap is mostly a clue for the Stranger Things fans who have been paying extra close attention. The first episode of the new season of Stranger Things was long-revealed to be called The Hellfire Club, a reference to the Dungeons and Dragons group in Hawkins. An image of a 20-sided die reinforces that nugget.

The subtler reference to Stranger Things is a white outline of a walkie-talkie that has a speech bubble jumping out of it. This wouldn't be a stretch for Stranger Things if that bubble didn't have an image of a demogorgon in it. 

Geeked Week comes at an interesting time for Stranger Things season 4, right between the releases of its two halves: volume 1 (May 27) and volume 2 (July 1). At that stage, a tease of the upcoming half-season or a cast panel, would make sense. We'd also love an interview with new cast member Robert Englund.

The next obvious clue in the poster is the pair of pills. Each bears the logo of The Umbrella Corporation from the Resident Evil games. This is likely a reference to the live-action Resident Evil Netflix series, which debuts slightly over a month later, on July 14. A first trailer for the series would make the most sense.

The next identified clue in the poster is a key with a skull on it, which may be a Locke and Key reference.

Have you cracked any other clues in the poster? Let us know in the comments!

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