Multiple PS5 restocks in the UK due this May — here’s what we know

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April has been a very slow month in terms of PS5 restock. While Smyths Toys did restock the console in the last few days, it has otherwise been several weeks since we've seen major retailers take fresh orders of Sony's next-gen PlayStation. 

While many gamers who missed out on pre-ordering the console may have assumed with time the restock issues plaguing Sony’s latest gaming machine would dissipate, unfortunately, stock has actually got less frequent in the last few weeks.

Multiple U.K. retailers did warn customers not to expect any PS5 restocks in April, so at least the current PS5 drought has not come as a total surprise. However, we're starting to see a few hopeful signs that we're mostly out of the PS5-less woods now. 

One of the UK's biggest stock tracking accounts, @PS5StockAlertUK has received word that Argos is due to receive a shipment of the in-demand console this weekend, which will then go up for one sale on Tuesday, May 11. 

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While Game isn't expected to have any more PS5 bundles until May 27. At least that's what its website currently informs customers. However, according to another PS5 stock tracking account, the U.K.'s biggest gaming retailer may have actually brought its next restock forward to the first half of May. 

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Stock tracker @Ps5Instant is also claiming that Amazon is due to drop PS5 stock in the middle of the month as well. However, we've been burnt before by the promise of a significant Amazon drop, so we're not putting too much faith in these rumours just yet.

The lengthy stock draught over the last month is almost certainly due to Sony’s inability to manufacture the console quick enough, thanks to the current global storage of computing chips. If anything this chip crisis is predicted to get worse, and Sony has confirmed it doesn't expect the PS5 stock situation to get better this year

Reasons to be optimistic about PS5 restock 

While the recent PS5 stock forecast has been rather bleak, things should pick up considerably as we move into May. 

Game currently notes that it won't have PS5 stock until May 27 on its website, however, restock accounts are suggesting it'll drop sooner and there have been a few occasions in the past where the gaming retailer has dropped stock ahead of schedule. Don't be surprised if we do in fact see the PS5 in stock at Game before the end of the month. 

PS5 bundles at Game

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Smyths Toys, which restocked the console just this week, had also previously informed customers that it wouldn't have any fresh allocation until May. Which clearly proved to be false. So, don't put too much stock in dates handed out by retailers or stock tracking accounts, the PS5 stock situation is very fluid and prone to change last minute. 

Of course, whatever happens stock-wise in the coming weeks if you keep tabs on our where to buy a PS5 guide you’ll be in the know. In this central hub we collect all the latest stock information as we get it, so make sure to bookmark it. 

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