Moto G8 Power Lite boasts a ginormous 5,000 mAh battery for under $200

Moto G8 Power Lite
(Image credit: Motorola)

Motorola is buying into the maxim that bigger is better with the reveal of its Moto G8 Power Lite phone that comes with a hefty 5,000 mAh battery pack. 

Launched without much fanfare, the Moto G8 Power Lite doesn’t just have a big battery - it matches the flagship Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra in size - it’s also available at a bargain bucket price fo £149.99 or $184. But be warned: this is a budget phone for a reason. 

Designed as a more affordable version of the Moto G Power (also called the G9 Power outside of the US), the G8 Power Lite keeps that phone's sizable battery capacity but drops some desirable features. 

Most notably is the Moto G8 Power Lite’s 720p display; in 2020 that’s a pretty low resolution when a swathe of low-price smartphones have full HD displays. And with a screen size of 6.3 inches, you’re more likely to notice the lower resolution. 

The processor in the Moto G8 Power Lite is also decidedly budget, with the G8 Power Lite using the MediaTek Helio P35 Quad-Core chip. That should be fine for everyday tasks, but power users and mobile gamers are probably better off looking elsewhere in the budget phone arena. 

Out of the box, the Moto G8 Power Lite will come with Android 9 Pie rather than the latest Android 10. That’s not great news for people after the very latest Android features, and there’s no indication of when the phone might get an upgrade to Android 10 either. 

One the camera side of things, the Moto G8 Power Lite keeps the main camera form with the Moto G Power, as it uses a 16MP f/2.0 aperture lens, which is supported by a 2MP macro lens and 2MP depth sensor. However, the G8 Power Lite has dropped the ultra-wide-angle lens of its more expensive sibling. Depending on your phone photography preferences, you might shrug at that or bemoan the lack of a camera that can take expansive shots. 

But while the Moto G8 Power Lite is lacking a good few of the features that make the G Power shine, it’s important to remember the latter costs $249, £219 in the UK, so the Lite version is noticeably cheaper. 

Roland Moore-Colyer

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