Microsoft Surface Duo sneak peek shows how it could take on the Galaxy Fold 2

(Image credit: Microsoft)

The Microsoft Surface Duo is coming soon — sooner than you might think, actually — and a new video tour gives you a better idea of what this foldable phone is going to feature.

The 24-minute video comes from Windows Central, which compiled clips of the latest Surface Duo emulator build to show off the software running on this Android phone.

The aptly-titled software tour shows off some of the cool gestures you can perform on the device as well as how the Surface delivers notifications, how you can arrange apps, and even the lock screen, which is pleasingly minimalistic. There's also a brief look at what you can do with Surface Duo's Shelf area, which is customizable. Having plenty of real estate to scroll through your Gmail inbox is certainly appreciated as well. 

The video also demonstrates some of the useful ways you can multitask on the Surface Duo by opening two different apps at the same time with one on each screen. This could allow you to read over reference material on the left side of the 8.3-inch fully open device and take notes on the right; you could also watch your favorite TV show while leaving a browser open to look up facts and tidbits. 

The Surface Duo is Microsoft's latest foray into making a smartphone, though the company swears up and down the Duo isn't actually a phone. That said, it certainly does quack like a duck with its two screens connected via hinge that form a very large, tablet-sized phone. The Surface Duo feels more like a miniature laptop that’s all screen, and from this quick preview, it looks like it’s quite promising for both entertainment and productivity purposes. 

Microsoft’s phone will run Android, not Windows, and it will likely ship with the Snapdragon 865 processor instead of the Snapdragon 855 that the device was introduced with during the October 2019 Surface launch event. There also appears to be a single camera included on the Duo, which looks to be on the right display. This may change with the final design, though.

Microsoft has yet to set a price or official release date for the device, though a rumor from last month suggested that Microsoft was pushing up the release to get a jump on the Galaxy Fold 2, Samsung’s next foldable phone. Samsung has a product event set for August 5, so we could see the Surface Duo in the flesh very soon if rumors of an imminent launch are accurate.

Brittany Vincent

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