PS5 Pro leaked specs show how it could crush the Xbox Series X

a concept image of the PS5 Pro by Mark Illing
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Alleged specs for the so-called PS5 Pro have been tipped by YouTube channel RedGamingTech, suggesting an upgraded PS5 could be a 4K ray tracing powerhouse. 

Claiming access to exclusive information, RedGamingTech noted that the clock speed of the PS5 Pro’s processor could hit “well over 3.6GHz,” which would beat the top speed of 3.5GHz on the vanilla PS5. In terms of graphics power, the GPU will reportedly be clocked at 2.7GHz, which is a bump on the 2.2GHz of the PS5’s current graphics processor. 

RedGamingTech also claims the total compute power of the PS5 Pro is set to be around 23 teraflops (Tflops), which would be a big jump over the PS5’s 10.28 Tflops and the 12 Tflops of the Xbox Series X

While both of the aforementioned current-generation consoles can handle 4K output and some ray tracing, in a lot of instances the resolution is variable and the ray-traced illumination is limited.

However, more teraflops generally mean improved graphical performance, and the PS5 Pro could be then expected to deliver locked 4K gaming with plenty of ray tracing slathered on top. For reference, Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3090 delivers 35.58 Tflops and that graphics card is a proper 4K gaming component that can also handle ray tracing without breaking into too much of a silicon sweat.

If this rumor is true — and do take it with a dose of skepticism— with 23 teraflops, I don’t expect the PS5 Pro to quite deliver screaming fast 4K ray traced gaming at say 120 frames per second, but it could see games locked at 60 fps. Or it could take those games that don’t have comprehensive ray tracing and run them at a proper 120 fps to take advantage of high-refresh-rate panels on the likes of the LG C3 OLED.

Potentially set to be released later this year, or perhaps next year, the PS5 Pro is still very much a rumored device. But a mid-generation refresh isn't unusual and was done with the PS4 in the form of a PS4 Pro, so Sony has form for making powered-up current-gen consoles. 

We hope the company does, as the ability to run the best PS5 games at better frame rates and higher resolutions would be hugely appreciated.

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