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iPhone SE 2 render looks even better than the iPhone 11

(Image credit: Hubert Jarechowicz/ConceptsiPhone)

The iPhone SE 2 (or should that be iPhone 9?) is expected to make an appearance in the first few months of 2020, and should provide a more affordable alternative to the iPhone 11. But could it look as good as this?

There are no concrete details about the hardware yet, but we had to show you this handsome unofficial render video, made by designer Hubert Jarechowicz for YouTube channel ConceptsiPhone.

As you can see in the video above, and in the images we’ve captured, what’s meant to be the new cheapest iPhone around still looks stunning. We really love the use of iPhone 4-style squared-off metal rails, which makes a lot of sense in terms of the SE family lineage since the original iPhone SE was heavily based on the iPhone 4. However, since the rumors say the SE 2 will be very similar to the iPhone 8, this kind of recent-retro design is unlikely.

(Image credit: Hubert Jarechowicz/ConceptsiPhone)

Then there’s the color, specifically the iPhone 11 Pro’s Midnight Green, which we don't imagine Apple using on an entry-level handset. We don’t know about the color options that will be available on the iPhone SE 2 yet, but rumors point to silver, space gray and red options.

(Image credit: Hubert Jarechowicz/ConceptsiPhone)

Turning our attention to the hardware, all we can really see is the rear camera module and the display. This concept has taken the view that Apple will give the phone two rear cameras like the standard iPhone 11, but rumors point to there being only a single sensor on the back to keep the cost down.

(Image credit: Hubert Jarechowicz/ConceptsiPhone)

As for the display, it looks like a full-width screen, except instead of the notch that’s been the trademark of iPhones since the iPhone X, there’s a complete top bezel. This would allow the SE 2 to make use of Face ID. However, previous reports have claimed that the iPhone SE 2 will employ a Touch ID sensor.

(Image credit: Hubert Jarechowicz/ConceptsiPhone)

Finally, in a rather optimistic move, this concept gives the SE 2 a headphone jack on the bottom, just like the original SE. There’s not been a jack on an iPhone since the iPhone 6S, and we’ve not heard any rumors that suggest there will be one, but it certainly would be handy for budget buyers, who are less likely to own wireless earbuds.

Want to know more about the phone behind this concept? Our iPhone SE 2 rumors page will keep you up to speed with everything we’ve heard about this new budget iPhone.

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