iPad 2021 tipped to launch next week — Apple event could be cancelled

iPad Pro 11-inch 2021
(Image credit: Pigtou)

Apple may opt to skip a launch event for the iPad Pro 2021 with the device instead launching next Tuesday on Apple's website. Twitter user, LeaksApplePro, suggests that the new tablet could arrive on April 13 but without the fanfare of a streamed event from Apple HQ.  

Even without an event this is likely to be a significant update for the popular tablet, which is set to get a mini-LED display and an upgraded processor, the A14X, which will bring with it even more power and performance. With a global pandemic still on, cancelling a virtual event is far less of an issue.

The new iPad will likely close the gap between the tablet and Mac ranges. These devices are all packed with Apple’s own silicon and the iPad Pro offers a level of flexibility that seems to be increasing with each iteration. Rumors have even suggested that the iPad Pro will see a USB 4 port (using the USB-C connector) with support for Thunderbolt. That opens considerable options for the iPad’s future as a computer. 

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If the LeaksApplePro tweet is accurate there will also be a delay to the AirTags, which might go some way to explaining why Apple won’t host an event for the iPad update. Apple’s AirTags continue to remain a source of considerable excitement. The ultrawideband beacons will reportedly allow people to track items like keys, wallets and pretty much anything else. Inside the home the suggestion is Apple’s augmented reality tech will guide you to lost items. And if your stuff goes further afield then marking it as lost will use any compatible iOS device to report its location back via the Find My app. 

A further delay to AirTags will, no doubt, remind some people of AirPower, which was Apple’s ambitious multi-device charger that it was unable to release. It does, however, also remind us that Apple does try to release products that meet its high standards, and any delay to AirTags is presumably down to it not being satisfied with their performance. Plus, unlike AirPower, the AirTags were never officially announced.

After some recent problems with butterfly keyboards and MacBook displays it’s probably a good thing that Apple makes its new devices as bulletproof as possible.  

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