I tried Khloe Kardashian’s new workout — here’s what happened

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Last year, I tried one of Khloe Kardashian’s workouts for the first time and instantly gained a sweaty insight into her intense workout regime. As a fitness editor, I spend a lot of time digging into the workouts of Hollywood’s most famous faces — from Ryan Reynold’s exact Deadpool 3 arm workout to the resistance band workout Chris Hemsworth used on the set of Thor, I’ve tried it all. 

One thing I appreciate is that Khloe makes things super easy for me — sharing her exact workouts with her 305 million followers. 

This time around, all I needed in the gym was a resistance band and a Bosu ball — this made my life a hell of a lot easier, as unlike Khloe, I don’t have a private gym to work out in. This isn’t Hollywood, readers. If your gym isn’t that well stocked, you can shop the best resistance bands to up the intensity of your workouts here. The workout in question was designed by the star’s celebrity trainer, Don Brooks

As a reminder, what works for Khloe might not be right for you and your body. If you’re new to exercise, or you’re returning to exercise following an injury, it’s a good idea to check your form with a personal trainer before adding reps or diving into a difficult workout. Pushing your body too hard can result in injury.

What is Khloe Kardashian's workout? 

In a detailed caption, Khloe breaks her workout down into six steps. She started the workout with a walk on the treadmill, then went into the following exercises:

  • Warm-up/Exercise 1: Lateral kicks on Bosu ball with a resistance band — 3 sets of 20 reps on each leg. “The Bosu ball and bands help to increase the activation of your glutes as well as your core”, writes Khloe.
  • Exercise 2: Bosu ball power knee exercise with resistance band — 3 sets of 20 reps on each leg. “Put one leg, one foot in the middle of the Bosu ball, lift your knee up and back down, and then to make it even more powerful, you can add a vertical jump for more intensity. For your first set, don’t Jump. Get the rhythm of the move. Advance with each set if comfortable,” Khloe adds.
  • Exercise 3: Bosu ball lower abdominal leg scissors — 3 sets of 20 reps. “Targeting your lower abdominal region, keep your stomach drawn in tightly, rib cage down and remember to breathe as you raise your legs open and close,” writes Khloe.
  • Exercise 4: Curtsy Lunge to jump step up — 3 sets of 20 reps on each leg. “Start in a curtsy, one leg behind the other. Push up through the front leg to stand up on top of the ball with the back leg. Return to start. This will get your heart rate up while working your lower body and core due to the bosu ball being unstable,” Khloes caption reads.
  • Exercise 5: Running in place — 3 sets of 20 reps on each side. “It’s almost like a little mini trampoline, lifting your knees up. Push to a stand up with top leg on the bosu ball. My heart rate was in my brain with this one. Doing quick HIIT exercises is so beneficial to your cardiovascular health. It’s essentially like lifting weights for your heart,” says Khloe.
  • Exercise 6: Bosu ball knee tucks with resistance bands — 3 sets of 20 reps. “Start with your legs straight out, then pull your knees towards your chest. This particular exercise target see your obliques and abs. You can do this exercise with or without resistant bands I would recommend starting with out and if you feel comfortable, then add the resistance of your choice,” Khloe adds.

I tried Khloe Kardashian’s latest workout — here’s what happened 

To find out more, I went to my local gym, grabbed a long resistance band with ankle straps, and found a Bosu ball. Unlike Khloe, I wasn’t head to toe in Barbie pink gym kit — apparently the hottest trend right now ahead of that Margot Robbie/Ryan Gosling film dropping this summer. 

Like Khloe, I started with a ten-minute walk on the treadmill to get myself warmed up. Looking for a treadmill workout? Here’s what happened when I did the 12-3-30 workout every day for a month. Of course, you could replicate this workout at home and head outside for a walk or jog as a warm-up, but you’d need something sturdy to attach the resistance band to for a lot of the moves. 

My legs were struggling from the first exercise

I tried this workout ten days after running my fifth, and fastest, marathon, and it’s safe to say the warm-up told me my legs hadn’t quite recovered from the 26.2-mile run. I couldn’t move anywhere near as quickly as Khloe did and definitely felt this one in my glutes from the first couple of reps. 

The great thing about resistance bands is that they work your muscles harder by increasing the time the muscles spend under tension. Here’s everything you need to know about time under tension, and how it can help you grow your muscles

This workout torched my entire body

All six of the exercises in this workout are compound exercises, working multiple different muscle groups at the same time. By the ab scissors in exercise three, I was having to take a breather after every few reps — the Bosu ball forcing my core to work harder to stabilize my body as I raised and lowered my legs. 

I’ll definitely be trying it again

"So Don puts a magic potion on people where he abuses you, and then you call him back, and then you pay him. I don't know what special power he does, but this guy is a lunatic, and I keep calling him back," Khloe jokes in the video between exercises. I’m with her. While I’m nowhere near famous enough to have Don’s phone number in my address book, this workout was addictive. 

It seriously worked me hard, and forced me to address my weaknesses — after months of marathon training, I was definitely more balanced and a lot stronger on one side of my body (my right, dominant side). I had to slow down a lot to ensure I was moving with the correct form and balancing properly on the Bosu ball, so I’ll definitely be repeating this one once my legs have had longer to recover. 

Again, hats off to Khloe — if she works out like this every single morning, I’m in awe. 

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