I found a 'glitch' in The Matrix 4's site — how to see first footage and Neo's new look

The Matrix 4
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The first footage of The Matrix 4, aka The Matrix: Resurrections, is here, and Warner Bros. is trying to make you play games to watch it. The good news, though, is you don't need to. The bad news? You need to play their games if you want to see everything. Allow me to explain.

Warner Pictures, embracing the trippy mind-melting ideas of The Matrix movies, launched a new site today: whatisthematrix.com -- but don't click on that just yet. To be frank, this site is as cool as it is annoying. You first need to remember which pill is the right one (it's the red pill), even though those movies came out back in the 1990's.

And then you have to watch the clip on a very sensitive video player that can jerk you back to the start if you click the wrong thing. It's really cool because the video knows what the time is in your region (and does some other stuff we'll get to below), but everything else is just annoying. 

I tried to "break" the site because its convoluted nature annoyed me, plus the below image of the pills just looked like an edgy crypto ad. Also, I wanted to hit pause and skim to get the really-clear photo of Keanu Reeves as Neo you see above. Neo really looks like John Wick now, doesn't he?

The Matrix 4 site

(Image credit: Warner Pictures)

First, I full-screened the video, then I right-clicked the video and selected to open the clip in a new tab. That's how I got this link. The time in it won't be the time on your device, it's the time from when I was trying to watch the clip. 

Then I found out the site does more than just change the time. There are different scenes you get glimpses of with each playback. So I guess my trick only gets you enough to see Neo, and you can watch the trailer Warner's way to see more glimpses. 

According to EW, there are more than 180,000 video variations, so I hope the online legion of Matrix fans have fun piecing them all together. I wish I could give you every clip of the trailer stitched together, but that seems like sketchy territory and a way to get in trouble with Warner's legal team. 

I'm just waiting for Thursday, when Warner says the full trailer will drop:

The Matrix: Resurrections is in theaters and on HBO Max starting December 22, 2021.

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