Hitman 3 will arrive on the PS5 in January 2021

Hitman 3
(Image credit: Sony)

Agent 47 is back and coming to the PS5 with Hitman 3, looking to combine next-generation graphics with the stealthy assassination of wealthy people with shady backgrounds. 

Precious little was revealed other than a brief trailer. But it looks like Agent 47 will be zipping around various exotic and interesting locations, from skulking around plush-looking hotels to scaling towering skyscrapers. And the follically-challenged assassin will be doing all this from January 2021.

We can expect Hitman 3 to be an evolution of the previous Hitman games, in that there’ll be all manner of ways to carefully - or indeed not so carefully - dispatch targets. Only we’d predict there being a wider progression system, more ways to experiment within the game’s missions, and likely an expanded multiplayer element. 

It’s also set to benefit from the PS5’s power, as from the trailer we can see the game looks very pretty indeed; not that 2018’s Hitman 2  was ugly by any stretch of the imagination.  

"As long-time Hitman fans will know, our games and locations are always built with unparalleled player choice and replayability in mind. Hitman 3 is no different," Travis Barbour,  IO Interactive senior community manager explained on the PlayStation Blog. "In fact, our next game encourages players to explore and interact with the game world in new ways that will reward them in future playthroughs. We want the game to be tactile and we want players to feel that their actions have an impact on what is going on around them and their future playthroughs."

Hitman 3 will be the final chapter in the World of Assassination trilogy, and those who played the game on the PS4 will be able to bring their progression in Hitman 2 over to Hitman 3. Speaking of the PS4, Hitman 3 will also be coming to that console, but don’t expect to get the same level of fidelity the PS5 is likely to deliver. 

When the PS5 makes its debut later this year, it is set to have a suite of games ready for it, or at least in the works. Horizon 2: Forbidden West, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and Gran Turismo 7 were stand out games shown off at Sony’s June 11 PS5 event. But stay tuned, as we expect more PS5 games to pop up as 2020 moves on. 

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