Stunning iPhone 13 concept shows off companion VR headset

iPhone 13 VR mixed reality headset
(Image credit: conceptsiPhone)

The iPhone 13 won’t arrive until the fall and the rumored Apple VR and mixed reality headset may not show up until 2022. But that’s not stopping an enterprising designer from imagining how the two products might work together.

Thanks to a newly-published render from ConceptsiPhone, we now have something of an idea of what to expect from the headset in terms of look and feel, and the result is quite striking. The ConceptsiPhone render features an attractive-looking finish with a rounded, lightweight design. That approach would make sense, as any headset would have to remain comfortable for people to wear when using it with their iPhone.

The head strap on the Apple headset in this concept video looks pretty versatile, featuring what appears to be a soft interior to keep the headset firm on your face. Compared to most VR headsets currently on the market, this theoretical Apple version looks positively plush.

As for the phone in the video — dubbed the iPhone 13 VR by ConceptsiPhone — it looks a lot like the current iPhone design, with one notable exception. The rear camera array takes over the entire upper third of the phone. Along with Apple’s multiple rear lenses and sensors, there’s a secondary screen. Presumably, that’s for notifications as well as an augmented AR viewfinder for taking photos.

Nothing like this has been rumored for the iPhone 13, so we’ll assume this is a design ConceptsiPhone envisions for future Apple handsets.

iPhone 13 VR mixed reality headset

(Image credit: conceptsiPhone)

And that’s just as well. Recent leaks about the Apple VR and mixed reality headset predict a mid-2022 launch. So we could be two iPhones in the future by the time this headset accessory shows up.

Apple’s mixed reality headset will largely focus on virtual reality, but rumors suggest the device will also have an optical see-through feature that makes use of augmented reality — hence the mixed reality moniker. This headset won’t be like early VR headsets in which you inserted your phone into the headset; rather, it will complement the iPhone with external cameras and sensors.

According to the rumor mill, Apple’s mixed reality headset will come to market before Apple Glasses, the AR-powered eyewear supposedly in the works at Apple.

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