Galaxy Z Flip full specs and official images just leaked

(Image credit: Evan Blass via Twitter)

Samsung's smartphones tend to leak early and often. We know this, and we expect it with the release of every new Galaxy S handset. But it's a little more surprising when it happens to something as expensive and futuristic as a foldable phone.

In this case, that foldable is the Galaxy Z Flip, the long-rumored successor to last year's Galaxy Fold. And rather than another concept render or yet more blurry spy footage, here we have official-looking renders of the long-awaited handset in two colors, posted to Twitter by well-known leaker Evan Blass and by German blog WinFuture.

(Image credit: Twitter)

Unlike the Galaxy Fold, which placed its hinge along a vertical axis, the Galaxy Z Flip folds horizontally, like the flip phones of old. The clamshell form factor should make the device extremely compact when folded. WinFuture mentions that Samsung has turned to ultrathin glass to protect the Z Flip's flexible display — rather than the plastic substrate it used on the Galaxy Fold — which will hopefully benefit durability.

On the outside lies a dual-lens camera and another rectangular element beside it. Based on previous leaked photos, we can assume that space is dedicated to a tiny display meant to show the time. Under the hood reportedly beats a Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset, indicating the Z Flip may be a bit sprightlier than the Galaxy S10 or Note 10, but not quite as snappy as the S20 series. It also won't be able to connect to 5G networks.

(Image credit: WinFuture)

One of the renders shared by WinFuture reveals another camera on the inside of the device — an Infinity O-style hole-punch shooter placed up top and in the center, just like the selfie lens on the Galaxy Note 10.

Earlier today, we received our first credible rumor on the Galaxy Z Flip's price, courtesy of Max Weinbach, who has been leaking a significant amount of information around Samsung's upcoming premium phones over the last several weeks. Weinbach says that he's been told the Z Flip will cost $1,400 — $100 more than he says the Galaxy S20 Ultra will go for. (Though, it must be said, $50 less than the most expensive, 512GB iPhone 11 Pro Max.)

(Image credit: WinFuture)

While the Z Flip will assuredly wind up costing far more than most conventional handsets, a $1,400 price tag would still make it noticeably cheaper than competing foldables. Motorola's Razr, which is also a clamshell, will cost $1,500 when it releases Feb. 6, and exclusively be sold through Verizon. Meanwhile, Samsung's first stab at a folding phone, the troubled Galaxy Fold, ran $1,980.

We won't know for sure how much the Galaxy Z Flip will cost likely until Samsung's Unpacked launch event on Feb. 11. But at this point, we can make a pretty safe bet on what it will look like.

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