Google Pixel 7 video just dropped — and Face Unlock leaks

Google Pixel 7 color options
(Image credit: Google)

A new round of Google Pixel 7 details, both official and unofficial, have just dropped, revealing more about the new phone's design, price and possible face unlock feature.

To start, the official design info comes from the final Pixel 7 design teaser video from Google. As with Google's previous trailers, we can see the phone's new look from all angles. 

There are obviously a lot of similarities with the Pixel 7 Pro we've seen already, but there are a couple of key differences. It has one fewer camera (there's no telephoto on the base model), flat display edges instead of curved ones, and the materials seem different, as the metal edges and camera bar here have a matte finish, instead of a gloss one.

Also, the color choice is a little different, too. Both phones come in Snow and Obsidian, but the Pixel 7 Pro gets the unique option of Hazel, while the standard Pixel 7 gets Lemongrass, shown above with the Obsidian version.

Google Pixel 7 price and face unlock leaks

Google Pixel 7 screenshot from teaser video

(Image credit: Google)

Meanwhile, outside of Google's official Pixel teaser, more leaks for the new phones have been popping up.

First, we have had another pricing leak courtesy of Roland Quandt of WinFuture. Like the previous pricing leak, it comes from Amazon, and shows the Pixel 7's basic price as €649. That's certainly not bad news, as it's the same price that the Pixel 6 sells for in Europe currently, suggesting no price rise for the Pixel 7 despite the economic challenges around the world.

However, it would have been nice to see the price drop further, and really capitalize on the Pixel 6's status as the best bargain in flagship smartphones.

Second, the long-awaited return of face unlock to the Pixel may have been confirmed by Android expert Mishaal Rahman. While searching through the Google Play Console, he found details of the two new phones, such as how the new Tensor G2 chip offers faster speeds with better components, support for swappable eSIMs and support for secure face unlock. 

The only Pixels to offer this previously were the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, although they used additional sensors to verify a user's face, like Face ID does on recent iPhones. There's no sign of these on the Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro, which makes us question how secure this system will be in comparison.

All will no doubt be revealed at the Google October event on the 6th (Thursday next week). The Pixel isn't the only thing Google's going to show off though. We'll also be seeing the long-awaited Google Pixel Watch for certain. Google will hopefully have something more to show us of the Pixel Tablet, and if we're really lucky, confirm the existence of the Pixel Fold.

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