Google Pixel 7 could come with some strange camera design changes

An unofficial render of the Google Pixel 7 Pro from the front and back, at a flat angle
(Image credit: Shadow_Leaks)

Where there's a phone, there's a phone case, and the Google Pixel 7 looks to be no exception. Images shared by TechGoing show what looks to be a Pixel 7 Pro case, indicating that the rumors we've heard so far are seen as strong enough to be the basis for building accessories.

While the site doesn't have an established reputation, these renders match up with what other sources have told us the Pixel 7 could look like. The case itself looks to be a gently modified version of this Pixel 6 Pro case by CruzerLite, with some of the rendered parts looking basically identical between the two.

Two alleged renders of a case for the Google Pixel 7 Pro, from the front and back

(Image credit: TechGoing)

Overall, the look for the Pixel 7 is thought to be a lot like how the Google Pixel 6 looked, with its wide camera "visor" stretching across the width of the phone. The big difference could be that the camera lenses are now more visible in the black glass of the camera block, with the main and ultrawide cameras nestled together under one pill-shaped glass panel and the squarer telephoto camera moved further to the right and placed under its own panel. It's a strong look, arguably bordering on the bizarre. 

The opening for the telephoto camera is larger on this model than the current Pixel 6, perhaps suggesting an enlarged lens or aperture. We're not expecting any massive changes to the photography kit on the Pixel 7 compared to the Pixel 6, but a minor alteration like this could be possible.

With this being an alleged render of the Pixel 7 Pro model, we can see the display is curved around the edges, as it was on the Pixel 6 Pro. The Pixel 7, like the Pixel 6, is assumed to have a flat display, and a smaller overall size.

There's no camera visible in the display of the Pixel 7 Pro in the case render image, but don't get too excited. While some phones are gradually adopting the under-display selfie camera, we've heard nothing about the Pixel 7 having one, although Google seems to be working on it for the future going by a patent that it filed.

Google itself probably won't reveal the new Pixel until October like last year's Pixel 6 launch. 

Update: The Google Pixel 7 was teased at the Google I/O 2022 and here are 6 burning questions on the Pixel 7 we want answered.

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