Google Pixel 5 price just leaked — and we have some bad news

Google Pixel 5 price just leaked — and we have some bad news
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The Google Pixel 5 might only come in an ‘XL’ model rather than in two different sizes as has been the trend with Pixel phones since their inception. 

That’s according to a leaker going by the name of ImjustsayingJC on Twitter (spotted by TechRadar), who claimed to have information that revealed there will only be one size option for the Pixel 5, it’ll have a Snapdragon 765G chip and will cost $699. 

The leaker isn’t one of the more established Twitter tech tipsters, so we have to apply a degree of scepticism on his claim and sources; the phrasing in the tweet suggests ImjustsayingJC isn’t totally convinced by their information either. However, with the Pixel 4a, Google has only one size option, going for a ‘standard’ 5.81-inch handset rather than one that pushes past six inches.  

This is an indication that Google might be streamlining the amount of options its Pixel phones have, possibly in response to the challenges the coronavirus pandemic has caused on tech supply chains. And it would make sense for the Pixel 5 to favor the XL model, as the Pixel 4a effectively takes care of a standard-sized Pixel phone for 2020. 

With the Pixel 5 is expected to have a mid-range Snapdragon 765G chipset - the same in the OnePlus Nord - Google could simply be making a larger Pixel phone that acts as the very best take on a pure Android phone and is keenly priced thanks to a capable but not flagship-grade specification. Essentially, it would be a phone that’s more premium than the Pixel 4a but doesn’t come with superfluous features; you could argue the mass of specs and capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, for example, is overkill for most Android phone users. 

Beyond its chipset, we’re expecting the Pixel 5 to potentially have a 6.67-inch display with a 120Hz refresh rate, 5G connectivity and a design that’s an evolution of the established Pixel aesthetic. It's also slated to have a trio of rear cameras, likely with enhanced computational photography capabilities from Google's smart software. 

If Google can build upon the impressive photography and smooth performance of its Pixel 4, while rectifying the downsides such as small battery life, limited onboard storage, and a lack of a wide-angle camera, then it could be onto a winner. We’re expecting the Pixel 5 to be revealed in October, where we’ll get a glimpse of what phone Google has come up with as well as products that feed into its wider tech ecosystem. 

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