Galaxy Note 20 leaks before Galaxy S20 even comes out

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite
(Image credit: Future)

With all the leaks on the Samsung Galaxy S20 out and the new flagship about to drop in two weeks, it’s now the Galaxy Note 20's turn to join the obligatory rumor parade. Here’s the very first (alleged) leak on the next Samsung flagship phablet. This is exhausting.

This image was published in this Weibo post unearthed by Gizmochina. It supposedly shows a Galaxy Note 20 CAD schematic of its body.

Allegedly, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20’s body.

Allegedly, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20’s body. (Image credit: Weibo)

The design is simple, but suggests that Samsung is going in the same direction as the Galaxy S20. At the top sits a huge opening for the camera module, which will probably be similar to the Samsung Galaxy S20 or S20 Ultra.

The CAD drawing shows an opening for a port — obviously USB Type-C — and the holes for the S-Pen, the speaker and the microphone.

On the side there are holes for the buttons. The smaller one would be for power and the longer slot would be for the volume keys.

The death of the Note may have been greatly exaggerated

The alleged leak of this CAD schematic tells us two more interesting things (if true). The first is that — like the Galaxy S20 — the successor to the Galaxy Note 10 will jump 10 numbers ahead as well and be called the Note 20.

The second one is that the Note is note dead — yet. Last year, a very persistent rumor said that Samsung was going to kill the Note line because it was too similar to the S except for the S-Pen support. While the extreme similarity is true, it seems that Samsung is still not ready to kill the Note.

A render of a potential Galaxy Fold 2 with S-Pen support

A render of a potential Galaxy Fold 2 with S-Pen support (Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

Perhaps that would happen once the Galaxy Fold matures and it gets a stylus, which seems like a logical next step for Samsung’s first foldable. Such a Fold would be a natural heir to the Note — and quite different compared to both the Galaxy S and Galaxy Z Flip.

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