Future launches new fitness and health site — meet FitandWell.com!

Fit & Well
(Image credit: Future)

Health and fitness are more important than ever — especially now that we're living in unprecedented times that make developing good routines especially challenging. That's where our new sister site FitandWell.com comes in.

FitandWell is designed for people of all ages and body types who simply want to work on their health, whether you're looking to get into a beginner workout routine or are seeking rigorous training and nutrition tips for professional sports. More importantly, the site is specifically tailored to serve the needs of people looking to stay healthy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“People’s priorities have naturally changed as a consequence of living through the greatest public health scare in living memory. Being fit and healthy is no longer an option, particularly for those in high-risk groups, it’s a practical necessity," said Paul Newman, Managing Director of FitandWell.com. 

"That’s why we’ve launched FitandWell.com to provide people of all backgrounds with practical and accessible advice for everything from weight loss to eating more healthily."

FitandWell's coverage includes news, guides and reviews, which run the gamut from health and fitness to nutrition and mental health — the latter of which is especially important as we adjust to life at home. Expect to see verdicts on the latest home fitness equipment and fitness trackers, as well as advice on how to get a proper exercise routine going from your living room. 

This new site will also thoroughly cover the growing "active aging" segment, providing useful tips on how senior citizens can stay fit and healthy. Tom's Guide is excited to welcome FitandWell to the Future family, and highly recommends it for anyone looking to improve their health and fitness. 

Tom's Guide Staff

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