Forget the OnePlus 8T — OnePlus Nord N10 5G launch date just leaked

OnePlus Nord 2 rumors
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The OnePlus Nord is an impressive smartphone. It's sleek, attractive, made up of some seriously solid internals, and — oh, yeah — there still isn't an official US version of the device. 

However, according to leaker @OnLeaks, it seems we may possibly have a possible launch date for two new OnePlus Nord phones. @OnLeaks believes OnePlus is set to make an announcement October 26 at 8 AM ET regarding the Nord N10G 5G and the Nord N100.

OnePlus has been dropping some subtle hints here and there across social media, but it has been focusing more on the higher-end OnePlus 8T that is being announced Oct. 14. 

The Nord N100 looks to be the cheaper version of the two phones, with the Nord N10G 5G supposedly offering 5G support, 128GB of storage, a Snapdragon 690 processor, and 6GB of RAM. That means it nearly measures up to what the Nord has to offer, making it a viable alternative for buyers looking for something similar in the US. 

The Nord N10 5G may feature a quad-camera setup with a 64MP main camera as well as a 6.49-inch display complete with a 90Hz refresh rate. OnePlus has yet to confirm any of this information, but thanks to an insider source detailing the situation to Android Central, we have a good idea of what we could be looking at. 

OnePlus also appears to be interested in building out its Nord line overall. According to a company Instagram post, there's a "Special Edition" of the OnePlus Nord on the way out that's meant to debut on the same day the Nord flagship is. 

According to the first few teasers from OnePlus itself, the Special Edition may feature a new finish, such as sandstone or a similar hue, according to the Special Edition's Instagram caption

"This time around it wasn’t marbles or rare gemstones that lit our fire," wrote OnePlus. “It turns out particles from any everyday rock can be equally beautiful. A bit vague we know, but it’ll all make sense on October 14."

There's still a ways to go until the proposed October 26 OnePlus event, but it seems we're looking at some pretty hefty reveals. What's going to be next for the Nord line for US buyers? We'll have to wait and see. 

Brittany Vincent

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