Floor is Lava: Everything you need to know about the No. 1 Netflix show

Floor Is Lava on Netflix
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Floor Is Lava is the dumb, fun game show we all need this summer. The Netflix reality series challenges teams of three to navigate an obstacle course without falling into the red, bubbling "lava." 

It's the TV version of the popular playground parkour game, which also became an internet trend during quarantine (see Justin Bieber's "floor is lava" video).

Each episode features two or three teams made up of three players. The course is made up of wacky items with a theme, like outer space elements, museum artifacts or bedroom furniture. 

he three players on each team have to make it through the course, from one door to another, by stepping, jumping and swinging on the various obstacles, all while the "lava" (really, red-colored slime) is bubbling and gurgling and making everything very slippery. Each player who gets across earns one point. The team with the most points (or the fastest time, in the event of a tie) wins the $10,000 prize.

It's kind of a mix of Wipeout, Legends of the Hidden Temple and American Ninja Warrior. Here's everything you need to know about Floor Is Lava.

Floor Is Lava on Netflix

Floor Is Lava season 1, all 10 episodes, is streaming right now on Netflix. Each episode is a little less than half an hour, so you can easily binge the entire season in a day.

Just think of your couch as the safe zone, and the floor as ... well ... lava.

Floor Is Lava cast

Here are the teams in each episode:

Episode 1:
Shadi & the Twins
Virzi Triplets
The Pastors

Episode 2:
Tennis Trio
Little League Dads

Episode 3:
Mama's Boys
Triple Threat

Episode 4:
The Doctors
The Nurses
Party Animals

Episode 5:
Flight Attendants
Fierce Ladies on Fire
Total Package

Episode 6:
Karaoke Crew
Alpha Betta Fish

Episode 7:
The Bostonians
The Siblings
The Force Heroes

Episode 8:
Battling Bros
Retail Co-Workers

Episode 9:
The Climbers
The Extinguishers

Episode 10:
The Bros
SD Babes
Gain Squad

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Floor Is Lava host

The host of Floor Is Lava is Rutledge Wood, who previously hosted History's Top Gear and Lost in Transmission. He's also a features reporter for NBC Sports covering NASCAR.

Floor Is Lava trailer

Get a sneak peek at the teams slipping, sliding and splashing as they attempt to make it over the "lava."

Floor Is Lava season 2 sign up

Do you and two friends want to sign up for Floor Is Lava season 2? It's not certain that Netflix will order another season of the game show, but if they do, they'll be looking for new cast members. There's no official way to sign up, but you can check the casting calls on Backstage.com.

Floor Is Lava reviews

Floor Is Lava is getting mixed from critics. Some feel it's fun, mindless entertainment, while others are bored by the repetitive nature of the episodes. Here's a roundup of Floor Is Lava reviews.

Mashable: "When all I want out of TV is something fun to throw on in the background while I spend yet another day at home, Floor Is Lava checks all the boxes."

Reality Blurred: "Mostly, it’s a lot of screaming the obvious over and over, over-explaining everything ... If we could have Floor is Lava with Ryan Reynolds’ narration and tighter editing, we’d have the perfect children’s game reality show."

Decider: "The idea is solid and makes sense why Netflix would want a game show of something that has already proven to be popular. But the execution isn’t quite there. Again, the drawn-out feeling is frustrating, and the fact that the host doesn’t even get to use his voiceover in a way that adds extra comedy to the show (see: Love Island‘s Iain Stirling) makes it feel like unnecessary commentary."

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