Fake Profile just jumped up the Netflix Top 10 — stream it or skip it?

(L to R) Carolina Miranda as Camila and Fernando as Rodolfo Salas standing next to each other, with her against his back in Fake Profile
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Steamy, sex-filled drama Fake Profile is the latest Netflix Original to chart, and it does so slightly out of nowhere. Arriving on May 31, the Colombian series (according to FlixPatrol) jumped to No. 4 on the Netflix charts by its second day, spent a couple of days at No. 2 before settling into the third-place spot where we find it this morning.

But Fake Profile is nearly entirely off the radar for critics, as it doesn't even have a Rotten Tomatoes score. That said, we've found some reviews, and will explain what they have to say, without giving away any spoilers.

The drama series' unknown nature is part of what people may love about Netflix, as the service can tend to surprise you. Here's everything you need to know about Fake Profile, including if it has a shot of being one of the very best Netflix shows.

What is Netflix's Fake Profile about?

Camila (Carolina Miranda) is a cabaret dancer in Las Vegas, and she matches on Tinder with Fernando (Rodolfo Salas), a cosmetic surgeon. Soon enough, the sparks fly. And they keep flying. 

But not all is seemingly as it was on Tinder. Fernando says Camila looks prettier than online, and she remarks about how far away he is from the camera in his photos. Oh, and someone may be spying on them. 

After Fernando repeatedly flies into Vegas from Cartagena, Colombia, Camila decides she wants to see what his life is like, and flies to him. And when she arrives, Camila begins to learn all about deceit. 

Fake Profile reviews: What critics and audiences say

As noted above, Fake Profile does not have a Rotten Tomatoes, as critics seem to have swiped left on the opportunity to review it. Joel Keller at Decider observed "red-hot chemistry between Miranda and Salas," though he did note that the first episode was "pretty predictable."

Smriti Kannan of Film Fugitives is more negative, writing "The performances of all the actors in this show start well, but again, their characters are written erratically," and that "The only actor who brought out the right emotions was Mauricio Hénao as Adrian. The actor was able to bring out the pain he was going through as someone struggling to trust his partner and finally letting go of him. The rest of the actors failed to leave a mark because they had to tune up their performances, which kind of wrecked the show."

Fake Profile is the kind of show you go in with low expectations, primarily for twists and turns.

The Rotten Tomatoes audience, though, does seem to like Fake Profile overall, awarding it an 86% score. Mike M gave it four stars, writing "Great series, twisting and turning all over the place from beginning to end. An excellent portrayal of a seriously dysfunctional family. Some moderately steamy sex scenes too."

Jaan B points out "It's entertaining enough but the music is hilariously bad. It never matches the scene and makes this seem extremely low budget and amateur."

Outlook: Should you watch Fake Profile?

Fake Profile is the kind of show you go in with low expectations, primarily for twists and turns. The fact that it pours steamy romance on top of its telenovela drama is the icing on the cake.

Skip Fake Profile if you're looking for a drama series that's highly detailed in its crafting and details. For that? Seek Beef, which is inarguably one of the best Netflix shows (Fake Profile is likely not in that category). But if you enjoy the absurd? Swipe right on Fake Profile.

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