Forget Apple Watch — Garmin is getting a huge feature it can’t match

garmin pregnancy tracking
(Image credit: Garmin)

Garmin today announced a new pregnancy tracking feature to help expecting mothers get a more complete overview of their health. The GPS company’s fitness wearables will be the first to offer native pregnancy tracking.

The pregnancy tracking feature in the Garmin Connect platform (iOS, Android) lets you log your symptoms, follow the baby growth's, see your blood glucose levels and more alongside the dashboard of health data that’s already available. Garmin will offer nutrition and activity tips based on the progress of your pregnancy, too.

Similar to the menstrual cycle tracking already present in Garmin's app, logging symptoms with pregnancy tracking requires you manually take note of how you’re feeling and when you sense your baby's movement. While you can log symptoms in the app, a daily reminder will also be sent to your Garmin smartwatch or fitness tracker so you can input your symptoms from your wrist.

The Garmin Connect app will show you a week-by-week overview of your logged symptoms, which could be informative during doctor’s appointments. Meanwhile, your activity nudges will be tailored to suit the status of your pregnancy. 

When it's time for delivery, Garmin's wearables will be able to track the frequency and duration of your contractions through the Contraction Timer Connect IQ app. This interval timer lets you to record the length and frequency of contractions right from your watch.

According to Garmin, its Venu, vivoactive, vivomove, Forerunner and fenix lines will all support pregnancy tracking. That means some of the best sports watches like the Garmin Forerunner 245 Music, Garmin fenix 6 and Garmin Venu Sq are not only good options for outdoor activity, but for keeping track of your bun in the oven, too. 

Garmin is a direct competitor of Apple, Samsung and Fitbit in the wearable market, but none of the other brands offer native pregnancy tracking. You could use a third-party pregnancy tracking app like HiMommy and PregLife depending on compatibility, though.

Pregnancy tracking for Garmin Connect users is free and rolling out now. If you're expecting (congrats!) and want a smartwatch that can be your pregnancy guide and activity tracker all-in-one, keep it locked to our Black Friday deals for Garmin's annual holiday discounts.

Kate Kozuch

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