Elden Ring on PS5 has a major advantage over Xbox Series X

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Update: Elden Ring is best on PS5 full stop

It seems like almost the entire gaming world is currently infatuated with Elden Ring. For good reason, the latest tough-as-nails action RPG from developer FromSoftware is as engaging as it is difficult. However, if you’ve yet to jump in, you might want to consider playing on PS5 as Sony’s flagship console has a major advantage over the Xbox Series X

While Elden Ring suffers from noticeable framerate dips on both next-gen consoles, there’s a real disparity when it comes to loading times. As highlighted in IGN’s performance review video, players on PS5 will enjoy significantly less time spent looking at loading screen tips compared to those on Xbox Series X. 

If you're playing on PC, check out our Elden Ring PC issues guide and what you can do about the problems. 

During IGN’s testing, the publication found that on PS5 the average loading speed was around 7 seconds, while on Xbox Series X it could take as long as 20 seconds before players were dropped back into action. 

I spent my weekend diving into Elden Ring on Xbox Series X and can confirm that I experienced around 19 seconds of loading to boot the game from the main menu, and average loading speeds of 12 seconds to get back into the fray after a death. 

Loading speeds of roughly 20 seconds might not sound like a particularly big deal, especially when on PS4 and Xbox One loading times could exceed a full minute in some large open world games, however Elden Ring is a game where death is a constant. Unlike say Dying Light 2 Stay Human, where you could conceivably go lengthy stretches without seeing a single loading screen, in Elden Ring you’ll die frequently, and upon each death you'll be greeted with another period of loading. 

Each death being paired with 20 seconds of loading feels like an extra punishment on Xbox Series X. This loading discrepancy becomes a real pain when you’re attempting to beat a challenging boss and dying at a regular clip. It’s also a factor when fast travelling across the map, which is something you’ll also do regularly in Elden Ring. 

This difference in loading speeds really showcases the power of the PS5’s custom SSD. The PS5 may come with less native storage space than the Xbox Series X (825GB vs 1TB), but the drive in Sony’s console can manage speeds of 5.5GB per second which is double that of Microsoft's flagship Xbox which clocks in at around 2.4GB per second. 

If you’ve only access to an Xbox console, this issue is by no means a deal breaker. As noted, I’m personally exploring the Lands Between on Xbox Series X and having a blast regardless. But if you have the choice to play on PS5 you absolutely should. Right now, it definitely appears to be the superior console platform. 

If you’re currently about to embark on your own Elden Ring playthrough, we’ve got a range of tips to help you survive. Also, don’t worry if you’re finding the first boss encounter a little difficult. If you can beat Elden’s Ring first boss, then you can beat the whole game. Remember, the key to overcoming a challenging Souls-like game is persistence. Also, make sure to find this hidden Game of Thrones Easter egg

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  • Tracer420
    Well I don't think it's so cut and dry. If you have a VRR compatible display. The obvious answer would be series x. To get rid of stuttering but it cool just pick and choose advantages to highlight.
  • osoblk
    I'm around 30 hours into the game and only started the game once. The quick resume feature alone negates your point. I've seen the main menu only once and can easily take a break or play a different game and resume exactly where I left off. 7-10 doesn't beat that kinda freedom. 🤦🏾‍♂️ Outside of that, they are the same haha well vrr too.
  • d0x360
    Tracer420 said:
    Well I don't think it's so cut and dry. If you have a VRR compatible display. The obvious answer would be series x. To get rid of stuttering but it cool just pick and choose advantages to highlight.

    Exactly! I have it on Xbox series x and PC with a 3080ti FTW3 Ultra and I play the Xbox version because VRR makes it feel like it's running perfectly smooth 99% of the time. It's even better if you can use BFI (black frame insertion).

    I also recommend setting the Xbox to 60 fps instead of 120 when playing this game. It makes it feel more responsive and just look better. The lower limit of VRR on a LG Cx and beyond is 20fps so you will never go out of range.

    Yes ps5 runs slightly faster in some areas but it also doesn't have VRR. The PC version has VRR but it's so broken that it's better to play on console right now.

    If you don't have a VRR display and you're playing on a "next gen" console then you're missing out on what makes them next gen...or at least on the Xbox side with VRR, Dolby Atmos & Dolby Vision in games...

    omfg dolby vision is stunning. I first saw it in Ori and the will of the whisps and... It just blew me away how much better then standard HDR is.
  • d0x360
    admin said:
    Elden Ring proves the power of the PS5's SSD over the Xbox Series X's storage.

    Elden Ring on PS5 has a major advantage over Xbox Series X : Read more
    In what way?

    There are games that load faster on series x. Essentially they can load data at the same speed. The ps5 is slightly and i mean slightly quicker but not enough to make any real difference.

    This game loads faster on ps5 because it was developed for ps5 and ported. So that's the most optimized version.

    That being said if you have a VRR display then the only choice right now is series x. It feels smooth, it looks smooth and yes it takes an extra 7 seconds to load but...come on. 7 seconds is nothing. I remember waiting 2 min to play a round of mortal Kombat 3 on ps1..

    The direct storage API b(velocity architecture) makes up for the SSD speed difference in the consoles.

    Hopefully direct storage starts getting used on Win11. It would mean games loading instantly since PC is significantly faster than any console.

    It could also mean being able to suspend games like on xbox. Being able to suspend 2-3 series x games and another 2-3 360 or original Xbox games is... fantastic and it would be amazing to have the ability to do that on PC without using a VM.