Drinkworks shuts down 'Keurig for cocktails' pod machine brand

Drinkworks machine
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While Keurig is best known for its pod coffee makers, the brand has been partnered with Drinkworks over the past year. However, that all came to an end this week, as Drinkworks announced that it was shutting down operations, effective immediately.

The pod-based cocktail maker shared many similarities with a Keurig coffee maker. Designed to pour and mix a range of drinks including an Old Fashioned and Cosmopolitan from just a capsule pod, the Drinkworks machine could create the perfect cocktail in fewer than 60 seconds. However, as of Dec. 15, 2021, Drinkworks has ceased all operations, selling off excess stock until supplies are depleted.

It’s a curveball for the drinks market, with the brand recently reporting a doubling of sales in the past 12 months, and a second-generation machine on the horizon as recently as October.


(Image credit: Drinkworks)

The COVID-19 pandemic certainly sped Drinkworks’ growth, with the brand benefitting from a boost to the home market despite the machine’s lofty $300 price tag. Whether that market proved too big too soon, and is now receding, or whether key investments have fallen through, there are many questions surrounding the demise of the Keurig partner. 

Many of those questions come from owners of these now redundant machines. While stock of pods and carbon dioxide cartridges will still be available while supplies last, many have invested in a particularly premium machine now rendered obsolete. Drinksworks’ acknowledges this, and has given its customers until February 28, 2022 to apply for a full refund. 

In our impressions of the Drinkworks Home Bar Classic, we found the device to be cool, but concluded that the pods might be a tad too expensive. 

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