Chrome vs Edge: Google is afraid of Microsoft’s browser

Microsoft Edge users are getting annoying Google Chrome ads
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Google Chrome is starting to act like it's afraid of the latest Microsoft Edge web browser. Or at least that's the message I'm getting from these new annoying notifications the search magnate is pushing at anyone who dare open a Google service in the new version of Edge.

This isn't entirely surprising, as Microsoft employed a similar tactic back when it would try and sway me to use the old Edge every time I searched for Chrome on a PC (which I did each and every time). 

Multiple notifications, shared by Techdows, show that Google is throwing everything save the kitchen sink to try and convince users to stop trying Microsoft's version of Edge that's built on Chromium (which Chrome is built on too).

Google's really trying to stop the new Microsoft Edge from thriving

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Among those features are offline Google Docs editing and built-in access to Google Translate. Google's other notifications passively suggest Edge is worse at hiding ads, protecting you against malware and how it installs updates faster. And, honestly, while those are not unimportant priorities, there are reasons to look at Google with a questioning glance, such as the fact that Edge uses Chrome's own ad blocker. 

Those notifications are occurring in Google Search, Google News, Google Docs and Google Translate, which basically means Google is ruining your productivity with nudges if you dare use its services outside of its walls. 

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