Bizarre Cybertruck accessory transforms Tesla electric truck into a boat

Cybertruck on cybercat driving over a mountain lake
(Image credit: Cybercat)

Update: Even more bizarre than this accessory is the fact DeLorean just announced the classic car is making a comeback as an electric sports car.

When Elon Musk announced the Tesla Cybertruck, he revealed that there would be accessories designed to ensure the electric truck would be more than just a truck. Whether he anticipated the Cybertruck becoming a nautical vehicle is another matter.

The Cybercat claims it will be able to do just that, offering a kit that will turn the Cybertruck into a catamaran-style vessel. So less Cybertruck, and more Cyberboat. It sounds absolutely crazy, and it probably is. Just like every other past attempt to add amphibious capabilities to cars.

The Cybercat consists of a kit that can supposedly be assembled by a single person, and in less time than it takes to launch a regular boat. The Cybertruck can be driven into the water, at which point all the aquatic components will fold down into the water and pull the wheels away.

Maneuvering the new aquatic Cybertruck is supposed to be as simple as turning the truck’s steering wheel.

cybercat cybertruck aquatic accessory

(Image credit: Cybercat)

The Cybercat will then connect to the Cybertruck’s battery to power up to five 50kW motors to get around. Apparently this means the Cybercat can reach speeds of over 25mph/22 knots, with an estimated range of 50 to 115 miles. Though that figure is based on the Cybertruck offering over 500 miles of range on the road — something Tesla only promised for the $70,000 tri-motor model.

But that’s not all. The company also has the Cybercat Foiler, which takes this concept to another level and adds hydrofoils to “maximize efficiency on the water and unleashing industry leading performance for all-electric watercraft.” It’s probably the closest you’ll get to being able to make a truck fly — even if you are just a few feet above the water.

The Cybercat is estimated to cost between $22,900 and $32,900, while the Cybercat Foiler is set to cost around $10,000 more. 

cybercat cybertruck aquatic accessory

(Image credit: Cybercat)

However, it is worth noting that this product only exists as a concept, and has yet to even reach the prototype stage. Which should be obvious, considering Cybertrucks aren’t on sale, and engineers can’t test everything works on a physical truck. 

Right now, the question of whether these two products will actually make it to market, or will exist forever as vaporware, is something that can only be answered with time.

Still, time is something the Cybercat has plenty of. Considering the Cybertruck has already been delayed twice, with supply chain issues getting the blame, there’s plenty of opportunity to do the legwork necessary to make the Cybercat a reality. 

But let’s just hope the setup system is completely idiot-proof. The last thing anyone wants is a Cybertruck to go under because someone didn’t put their Cybercat together properly.

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