Great Scott! The DeLorean is back and it's all electric

DeLorean EVolved teaser with gullwing door design
(Image credit: DeLorean Motor Company)

Update: DeLorean has lifted the curtain, and unveiled the DeLorean Alpha V — due in 2024

The DMC DeLorean was, by all accounts, not a very good car. It lacked power, performance and had a reputation for very poor build quality and a shoddy driving experience. But it was in Back to the Future, which means it’s earned a place in nerd history.

Well the DeLorean is making a comeback, and this time it’s going to be an all-electric model. Will it be one of the best electric cars? We're not so sure, though we expect it won’t require a 1.21GW charger to keep itself on the road.

Interestingly. the prospect of an electrified DeLorean was first suggested back in 1997. The rights to the DeLorean name were bought by British engineers Stephen Wynne in 1995, and the resulting DeLorean Motor Company (the second iteration) hatched plans to relaunch the car. 

One possibility was that the car could be electrified, though obviously that never happened.

At this early stage we know absolutely nothing about the electric DeLorean, other than that it will debut sometime this year. It’s also going to be called the DeLorean EVolved, which is the kind of pun we’re surprised hasn’t been used before.

The teaser also suggests that the DeLorean’s gull-wing doors will be making a comeback. That makes sense, seeing as how they’re the most iconic part of the car that wasn’t retro-actively installed by Doc Brown. 

The original DeLorean was meant to be a sports car as well, and we suspect that the EVolved model will follow in its footsteps. Hopefully it’ll be a little more luxurious this time round, so Elizabeth Shue will at least be able to get her own seatbelt.

There’s almost nothing of note on the DeLorean website, other than the option to sign up for email updates. You can also buy Delorean apparel, just in case you really wanted to go around in overpriced clothing plastered with the name of a car company. 

$125 for a hoodie and $100 for leggings? No thank you. Not even self-lacing DeLorean-brand sneakers would be worth that sort of price.

But just imagine if the original DeLorean had been electric. Mr Fusion could have powered the whole car, so Back to the Future would have been about half as long. I can't decide whether that would be a good thing or not.

Tom Pritchard
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  • markinapub
    I've been subscribed to the DeLorean newsletter for at least two years now waiting for this car to relaunch. I'm beginning to think it'll never happen...