Samsung's own OS leaks Galaxy S11 camera features and Galaxy Fold 2 details

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It’s not often that you get a two-for-one leak, but thanks to some deep diving into Samsung’s newest smartphone operating system update, we have new information about both the Galaxy S11 and the Galaxy Fold 2.

After performing an APK teardown on the newest version of One UI 2.0, the Samsung flavor of Android, XDA Developers discovered some interesting new camera features that will be appearing on the Galaxy S11 (which is possibly named Galaxy S20). These are Director’s View, which will allow you to easily swap between the available cameras on the S11, with the phone automatically tracking a subject that you select. 

There’s also Single Take Photo, which uses AI to detect the optimal moment to press the virtual shutter button, which will work with both selfies and with a panning shot for beautiful landscape photos and the like. This is similar to Shot Suggestion mode that launched with the Galaxy S10, which helped users frame their photos of various subjects based on a library of photos and some basic rules of shot composition. Both this and Director's View had been found previously in more limited states within earlier One UI patches, but have now been expanded upon.

Returning from earlier Samsung phones is Pro Video, a recording mode with many customizable options such as shutter speed, ISO and exposure. It used to be a staple of Samsung camera apps. This was removed from the Galaxy S9, but having skipped two generations it now looks like Samsung’s preparing to bring back this well-loved enthusiast feature.

The brand new features for the S11 found in this version of One UI are bokeh effects, named Artify, Mono, Side Light, Glitch and Vintage. We can’t see what these look like from just the strings of code, but most of the names are indicative enough of what they’ll do when applied to a photo.

Galaxy Fold 2 fast charging leak

The cherry on top of these other leaks is one interesting nugget of news about the Galaxy Fold 2’s fast charging system, which has been rumored to be launching at the same time as the S11.

According to the code, the Fold 2 will support a minimum of 25W and a maximum of 45W fast charging, which is identical to what the Galaxy Note 10 is capable of. Unfortunately for users wanting the fastest charging experience possible, Samsung sold the Note 10 with a 25W charging block by default, which may mean that once again you’ll have to spend more if you want that 45W speed with your new foldable phone.

If this news has whetted your appetite for more Samsung rumors and leaks, then our Galaxy S11 rumors page and our Galaxy Fold 2 page both have everything we know so far about these two upcoming phones.

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