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Apple reportedly working on foldable iPhone — here’s what we know

Foldable iPhone leaks
(Image credit: #iOS Beta News/YouTube)

Apple is reportedly testing out a foldable iPhone Flip prototype, charting a course towards the next battle against Samsung. 

Bloomberg reports that Apple has begun early testing  on an iPhone with a foldable display, though it does not have concrete plans to launch such a device just yet. At the moment, Apple is currently only testing out 6.7-inch displays, and hasn't created a full foldable iPhone prototype. This is according to a source within Apple that has asked not to be named.

These aren't the first rumors we've heard of Apple working on a foldable iPhone. Earlier this month, Taiwanese website United Daily News reported that Apple had commissioned prototype foldable shells from Chinese manufacturer Foxconn. 

At the moment, it's uncertain what kind of foldable Apple has in the works. Would it fold vertically like the Motorola Razr 5G or horizontally like the Galaxy Z Fold 2?

According to Bloomberg's source, the current prototype has visible hinges, like the Microsoft Surface Duo

Ultimately, it's unknown if or when Apple would launch a supposed iPhone Flip. Apple seldom is first to jump on the latest tech trend, instead waiting for other manufacturers to test out ideas in the market before plucking the ideas that work best. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has also hindered development at Apple. In California, engineers can only meet a few times a week in limited numbers as to prevent the spread of the virus. Development has been offloaded to Apple's engineers in China. That also means there's virtually zero chance that a foldable iPhone would launch in 2021. 

There are rumors circulating around the update to this year's iPhone, however. At the moment, rumors are pointing to it being called the iPhone 13. It's expected to have a smaller notch and a 120Hz display. It might also be portless, an idea that flies in the face of all convention. But Apple and convention seldom go hand in hand.

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